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If You're Gonna Wear Eyeliner, You Might As Well Have Fun With It

Graphic eyeliner is the way of the future.

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While graphic eyeliner has been around for a minute, the masses started listening after Euphoria Season 1. Now, graphic eyeliner is everywhere. There’s a whole world out there of bold and vibrant looks for you to conquer. All you need is a thin makeup brush, confidence, and these graphic eyeliner inspo looks ahead.

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Start off simple by outlining your cat-eye-shaped eyeshadow with black eyeliner. You can use a thicker liner to get a more striking effect (and mitigate shaky strokes). Since you’re following the eyeshadow you already painted on, it’s a bit easier to follow the lines.

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Urban Decay Cosmetics Prince Kajal Vegan Eyeliner Pencil
Ulta Beauty

Urban Decay’s Kajal Eyeliner Pencil ($13, Ulta Beauty) packs in the pigment, but the consistency allows it to apply bold and and fix any mistakes easily. Unlike a liquid liner, which comes with more margin for error, it only takes one glide with a classic, smooth kajal liner to get your funky cat-eyes.


Get electric by using a neon liner and pulling it straight up to the corner of your outer brow. Similar to the photo above, you can really add drama with a black outline and matching neon dots under the wing — or other smaller designs as you see fit.

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Makeup Revolution Neon Heat Coloured Liquid Eyeliner
Beauty Bay

You’ll have to make definitive movements with Makeup Revolution’s Neon Heat Eyeliner ($7, Beauty Bay). The felt brush will deposit the pop of color easily when you apply with a tilt, but the sharp tip is great for leaving evenly shaped dots and detail work.


Guy Fieri is quaking with this hot, fiery look from on Instagram. While creating such a flaming look seems impossible, the creator’s tutorial shows how easy it can be.
Cherry Pie Crème Gel Liner

For this look, you need a red eyeliner you can blend, and ColourPop’s Cherry Pie Liner ($7, ColourPop) is pigmented enough to give you a vibrant line, but soft enough to blend out if you work with it quickly.


By following the invisible line just above the crease of your eye, you can recreate Alexa Demie’s double-winged eyeliner look. This style will give you a heady, Love Witch, ‘60s kind of vibe that pairs great with heavily lined lips.

Alexa Demie/Instagram
Epic Ink Liner
NYX Professional Makeup

Since you’ll be following a natural line, it’s easier to try to trace it quickly. NYX’s Epic Ink Liner ($9, NYX) dries quickly and doesn’t tug, so you can get the perfect line in one swipe. And, if you don’t, the fine point makes it easy to even out any bumps.

Flash Glance
Face Lace

You can also always skip the mistakes, cotton swabs, and general struggle with stick-on eyeliner, like Face Lace’s Flash Glance ($21, Face Lace). This va-va-voom look is as graphic as it gets, and all you have to do is place the decals.


Don’t be afraid to play around with multiple colors and overlapping shapes. In fact, keeping shapes loose and fluid is a solid way to start practicing with graphic eyeliner, because your drawings are less rigid.

Daisy Carter/Instagram
UV Brights Hydra FX Palette
Suva Beauty

Reminiscent of a childhood watercolor palette, Suva Beauty’s Hyrda Eyeliner Palette ($30, Suva Beauty) is rife with creative potential. The vibrant world of graphic eyeliner will bow at your feet with this in your makeup arsenal.


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