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How To Style Winter Boots With Skirts For A Put-Together Look All Year Round

Style never sleeps, not even in winter.

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Winter boots are a must for the coming months, and there are plenty of ways to wear them. While you can easily throw them on with your long dresses and pants, there’s probably one garment you’re yearning for: skirts. Mini, midi, maxi, no matter what length of skirt you love, you don’t have to tuck them away for spring. Instead, you can style your skirt with a pair of winter boots and traverse even the gustiest of days on trend and in style.

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Flannel isn’t just for shirts. You can rock the ultra-cozy fabric as a skirt, too. Pair it with fleecy shoes and you’ll look like an extra from Outlander.

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You don’t have to bench your mini skirts until the spring weather blows in. Instead, you can keep your legs warm by adding a pair of simple, black tights to your outfit. Double down on the extra warmth by wearing knee-high, winter boots.

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Another way to keep the cold at bay is by pairing your tall boots with a midi skirt with a thigh-length duster. The layers create a dynamic movement in your outfit while not leaving much skin to be burned by the winds.

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Go for a preppy moment by styling your skirt and boots combo with knee-high socks on warmer winter days.

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You can bring an extra pop of color into your outfit by adding a vibrant, opaque pair of tights to your look. Rather than the more subtle look of sheer, black tights, this lets you show off your playful side even on the grayest of winter days.

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A subtle but fun addition to your skirt-and-boots look is a pair of frilly socks. The extra volume draws eyes to your reliable winter go-tos while dressing them up a little bit.

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Do all that and a bag of chips with your winter look. If you run cold but don’t want to ditch your skirts, just load up on tights, socks, and a long coat. And don’t shy away from color. It creates a dynamic outfit with lots of layers to add color and dimension to your ‘fit.

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