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These Are The Colorful Eye Makeup Looks You NEED To Try This Summer

Taste the rainbow? I am the rainbow.

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There is never a bad time to wear a full-face of vibrant makeup. Although I am of the belief that you can never wear too much color, these following colorful makeup looks and tutorials will help you make sure your beat looks as glamorous and chic as possible. Whether you’re searching for a challenge or just want an easy, quick look, there’s a how-to for you.

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You don’t have to use your entire eyeshadow palette to get a colorful beauty look. Makeup artist Ohemaa only used orange and yellow in her easy-to-follow tutorial. The result? Vibrant and beautiful.


If you’re up for a challenge, NikkieTutorials’ orange-and-pink eyeshadow look is the choice for you. The nude cut-crease keeps the look airy and light without overwhelming your eyes, and the subtle glitter liner adds a gorgeous contrast to the matte shades.


What makes Briana Marie’s tutorial so great is that she shows you every single, solitary step — including her mistakes. This how-to is also ideal if you want to craft a look that’s bolder than ever, because she doesn’t stop at the slime green. There are even small gems dotting her eyelids.

Briana Marie/YouTube

You can brighten up your whole face with @itslikelymakeup’s tutorial. The mint green, lilac, and yellow eyeshadow choices are strategically placed at different spots on her lids, and the bronze, blush-filled cheeks really make this the perfect, summery look.


Graphic eyeliner is all the rage and has been for a few years now. @cutcreaser makes it look easy to get the ever-trendy look with a gorgeous teal outline around the eye. It’s eye-catching, but leaves plenty of negative space if you aren’t sure about an all-over color look.


You should never be afraid to pack in the colors — yes, all of them. @ViiRDii mixed together yellow, orange, pink, and purple eyeshadow for a bold, blended look that’s dreamy as ever. The result resembles the most irresistible beachy sunset.


Angela Bright makes cut-creases look so easy. How does she do it? She builds her colors from the outside-in to create a modern take on a smoky eye. If you love a futuristic, iridescent shimmer, this is the tutorial for you.

Angela Bright/Youtube

Savannah Sylver created a colorful rainbow eyeshadow look with winged liner that covers the entirety of Roy G. Biv spectrum on each eyelid. It seriously couldn’t get more colorful or skilled than this. Add some fluttery lashes, and your look will be complete.

Savannah Sylver/Youtube

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