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12 Coffin Nail Styles To Take Your Nails To Daring New Lengths

So much room for so many designs.

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There are several different acrylic nail styles to try, but lately coffin manicures are all the rage. The look falls between ultra-sharp stilettos and more blocky square nails and features an oval base that tapers down a smaller square tips.


Coffin nails give you so much nail space to show off funky designs and beautiful artwork. So if you’re ready to struggle through everyday tasks for the sake of drop dead gorgeous nails, check out plenty of coffin nail styles ahead.


You can keep things glossy and simple like Cardi B did at the 2021 AMAs. With such a sharp shape like a coffin style, it doesn’t need much to pack a punch.

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Guy Fieri called, and he wants to compliment your nails. Since you have the space, why not add some gems to some fingers to really make them sparkle?


For her 2021 Met Gala look, Megan Thee Stallion broke out some baby pink coffin nails, but her manicure featured an added twist. At the very tips of her nails, there are very subtle waves in darker pink.

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You don’t have to go ultra long with your manicure; coffin nails work for a plethora of lengths. What better style to rock on your more manageable nails than an ombré french manicure? It’s soft, light, and so easy to do on your own.


Let your nails reflect the seasons by adding bright flowers. And if you use a lot of top coat, this manicure makes it appear as if there are actual flowers adorning your mani.


Break out all your pastels to create a groovy, fun tie dye manicure. Despite all the polishes going on, the soft colors will go with all your outfits.


Try an ombré with a neon green over your coffin nails. It’s graphic yet simple, and bright without giving you a headache every time you look down.

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With all the gold, gems, and opulence, this is a manicure is princess-level styles of luxury. If you have any special occasions coming up, show this look to your manicurist and she’ll know what to do.

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Put your life in perfect balance with some yin and yang nails. The black-and-white combo is a graphic dream without being impossible to match to your outfit or do on your own couch.


Do you love your simple manicure but feel like it’s missing that something special? Add polka dots, a la Kylie Jenner, to spruce up your color. You can opt for a ‘60s-inspired touch with dots of different sizes.

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