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Kiss These Fashion Trends Goodbye — They’ll Be Cheugy Soon

If y'all bring back skinny jeans, I swear to God...

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No one wants to be called cheugy, especially when it comes to clothes. But fashion is constantly evolving, meaning you can’t get too attached to any passing trend. And it looks like a tired few are entering cheugy territory.

I won’t lie to you, some of these hurt. Some saw me through the pandemic. But if you love one of these trends, don’t worry. They’ll inevitably be back. And you can rock whatever you love until kingdom come and look good doing it — cheugy be d*mned. That said, here are some cheugy fashion trends phasing out fast.

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If you’re on TikTok, you probably know by now that skinny jeans are out. Straight- and wide-legged jeans are the way to go. Rather than look like you’re a Jonas Brother circa 2008, the new styles give off, cooler skater girl vibes for sure.

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No more cold shoulders. Now, dramatic, ‘80s-esque, puffy sleeves are all the rage. They’re playful, adding an extra level of drama to your ‘fits — and you don’t need a strapless bra. Who needs to see all that clavicle anyway?

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It saddens me to say, but tie-dye is on the outs. The vibrant, retro print had its renaissance in 2020, but it looks like that moment has officially ended. In its place, monochromatic ‘fits have taken over, so leave your multicolored swirls behind and stock up on a single palette.

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It’s time to pack up the zoo sitting in your closet. Although animal prints are relatively timeless, they’re not as trendy as they once were. Instead, try the checkerboard print that people can’t seem to get enough of — quickly, before that’s uncool, too.

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The flowing, angelic look of midi skirts has passed whether you’d like to admit it or not. Inspired by the early ‘00s, ultra-short, heavily patterned mini skirts are steadily making their unexpected return.

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This one hurts, but eye-catching neons have faded from the limelight. Rather than dressing like a pack of highlighters, people have moved toward beige, brown, and other more muted, earthy tones.

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Now that people are actually leaving their homes again, micro bags, it seems, are no more. Rather, people want to be able to carry enough items to last them all day. So, grab your water bottle, sunglasses, book, and fish out your gaping totes.

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The vintage patchwork print is ready to be turned into whatever quilt you’re working on right now. However, you don’t have to fully kiss the ‘70s look goodbye. Closely related psychedelic prints are beginning to fill the hole patchwork will inevitably leave.

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