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Chrome Nails, The Invasive Species Of Nail Art, Took Over The VMAs

Chrome, sweet chrome.

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Chrome nails are taking over the world (of nail art). The trend that started with glazed doughnut nails has launched a thousand chromatic iterations, from silver to steel to strawberry glazed. I love them all and, apparently, so did the celebs at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Dove Cameron, the unofficial punk queen of the 2022 VMAs, incorporated chrome nails into her fierce asymmetrical mani.

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Both of Cameron’s pinkies are entirely chrome — the vibe is very much spiked mace with a dash of meat tenderizer — and there are thorny chrome vines on her index fingers as well.

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As soon as Lizzo stepped onto the VMAs black carpet, I was immediately drawn in by her nail’s metallic gleam half-hidden by her sheer gloves. Once the gloves were off, Lizzo’s mani, designed by celeb nail artist Eri Ishizu, did not disappoint.

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For her VMAs chrome nails, Latto opted for a silver french manicure. The shape of her nails really made this look pop. While you could call them square, there’s actually a gentle tapering effect that really highlights the chrome.

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Thanks to the tapered shape, the chrome french tip on Latto’s nails actually takes up about half of her nail beds for a truly dramatic look.

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Chloe Fineman was serving I Am Robot realness from head to toe and her nails were no exception. They were high-shine, mega-gloss, super-sharp chrome claws with just a touch of organic matter — a teeny tiny carrot charm dangling off her pinky.

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The whole ‘fit, mani included, was designed by, and nodded to, Instacart. Fineman referred to her look as cart couture. I don’t care what it’s called, I just want those silver nails.

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Kerri Colby also had silver chrome nails, but with an extra twist. Her nails featured a spikey pattern not dissimilar to Cameron’s spiked pinky fingernails. I love the pattern repeated across all 10 of Colby’s nails and almost wish Cameron had done the same.

Cindy Ord/WireImage/Getty Images

Colby’s chrome nails reflected the simple chain she wore around the neck of her Mugler bodysuit and even caught some shine from her silvery highlighter.

Photo by ANDRES KUDACKI/AFP via Getty Images

Anitta’s take on chrome nails is more aligned with the doughnut nails of summer. Her nail look was designed by nail artist Naomi Yasuda and was described by Yasuda as a “champagne chrome ombré.”

Doug Peters - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Yasuda created this gold-dipped look using tools from the KISS Manicure Kit and the KISS Salon Dip Color System, a powder alternative to UV gel polish, along with golden chrome powder to make Anitta’s mani pop against her moon man statuette.

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