OK, But Can We Talk About These Fire Beauty Moments At The Olympics?

Athletic and beauty talent? What the hell.

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The 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo has brought out, unsurprisingly, a ton of talent. However, beyond the sheer athleticism, something else has been edging into the spotlight. Many of this year’s Olympians are also bringing a ton of stunning beauty looks to the village. Between amazing hairstyles, gorgeous eyeshadows, and manicures I can’t even imagine typing with, there’s more than just sports to watch this Olympics. And to think, I would’ve been there, too, if not for the tragedy of being born without any athletic talent. So, while you feel bad about the fact you haven’t been training in dressage since you were 2, you can also check out these Olympic athletes’ stellar beauty looks at the games.

Naomi Osaka brought the fire with flame-red tennis dress and matching red braids (laced with white in support of her team). Even if the Osaka didn’t medal, she definitely stole the show with her hard work and her hair.

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I have no idea how Sunisa Lee could land half of her amazing stunts at all, let alone with her gorgeous, extra-long lashes. She finished off her eye look with a soft reddish-brown eyeshadow and looked as dewy as ever.

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OK, we need another moment for Lee, but this time for her stunning nails. In closeups of her holding her brand-new gold medal, she wore long, light-colored acrylics with the Olympic rings painted on her nails. She landed the stunts. She won gold. And her nails stayed in tact? Unreal.

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Russian swimmer Yulia Yefimova didn’t come to play when it came to her performance and her nails. Her thumb through her middle fingers were decorated with an orange-to-yellow ombre while her ring and pinkie fingers were a solid neon yellow.

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Tennis wasn’t the only court with impressive ‘dos. Team Japan basketball player Stephanie Mawuli went with mostly silver braids, dotted with multi-colored braids in the palette of the Olympic Rings.

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Simone Biles showed just how powerful she is at the 2021 Olympics, in addition to showing off bomb makeup looks — that she and the other USA gymnasts do themselves, mind you. Biles went with a sparkly golden eyeshadow look, big lashes, and a subtle winged liner, all of which never budged once.

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Liliana Fernandez, a beach volleyball player for Team Spain, brought one of the trendiest hairstyles to Tokyo. The Olympian loaded her hair up with pastel-colored hair clips, bringing a playful edge to her competition.

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Nails are very important to the Team USA taekwondo protégé Anastasija Zolotic. She told NBC that she does have some game superstitions and has to have her nails painted blue. For her Olympic trip, the 18-year-old also added flag details, a cross, and the Olympic rings.


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