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14 Hilarious Wordle Memes To Make You LOL When You're Down To Your 6th Guess

These hit home.

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The Wordle trend isn’t slowing down. Ever since early January 2022, the game is all Twitter can talk about; that means it’s also ripe for meme content.

When the daily game has you frustrated, take a look at some of the best Wordle memes to help you laugh it off — and then solve it like a pro.

When you want to solve the Wordle without using all six guesses.

Sir, I do not understand the assignment.

A master never reveals their secrets.

We traded our crops for green and yellow boxes.

Do I finally understand Morse code?

You aren’t the only one struggling.

If you get it right on the first try, you deserve a legit party.

At least it’s safer than the crate challenge.

It’s a real problem.

Five letters? Don’t know her.

TBH, I just love how much green there is.

Can someone fill me in?

Wordle puns. Classic.

It’ll make you as happy as you Squirtle meeting other Squirtles — which is really freaking happy.

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