Valentine's Day

Starbucks’ New Valentine’s Day Merch Is So Instagram-Worthy

So much red and pink!

Get ready to see hearts (literally), because Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day 2022 cups come in the prettiest shades of red and pink, plus there’s plenty of glitter and bling.

You can buy the merch at Starbucks stores (including in airports and grocery stores) while supplies last.

Pink Studded Cold Cup

This pink studded cold cup features a pretty matte look and a studded texture, complete with the Starbucks logo in the middle.


Ceramic Tumbler with Hearts

This 12-ounce tumbler features a pink background and colorful hearts in red, pink, purple, and chartreuse.

Courtesy Of Starbucks

Pink & Red Glitter

A dark red glitter background and doodle hearts in dark pink, red, and light pink, are accented by a hot pink straw.


Plastic Reusable Cup With Hearts

With hand-drawn hearts in shades of pink, magenta, and red, it’s perfect for a loved-up cuppa.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Kaleidoscope Gradient Plastic Cup

One star of the show is the red matte cold cup with a dome lid. It features red from top to bottom and an array of hearts.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Red Water Bottle

It’s a simple, fun nod to the holiday with its stand-out shade and metallic top.


Plastic Tumbler with Hearts

This 16-ounce cup is sold exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores and features a pink and red tint with metallic red hearts at the bottom.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Red Studded Cold Cups

It’s a shiny take on the matte pink version, with a hue that really screams V-Day.


With so many pretty colors and hearts galore, Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day cups and tumblers are perfect for the season of love.

You can also score themed gift cards and V-Day treats like the Red Velvet Loaf and winter-perfect White Chocolate Mocha.

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