16 iPhone 13 And 13 Mini Cases That Do More Than Just Protect Your Phone

Who knew a case could be so versatile?

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After you open your new iPhone 13 or 13 mini, the next step is to deck out your device with a protective case. To give you some inspiration, check out these multifunctional iPhone 13 and 13 mini cases with MagSafe and wallet options.

Wallet Cases

Want a case that holds your cards and protects your iPhone? No problem.

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Classic Magnetic Wallet Phone Case

This iPhone 13 case features a metallic pink sheen that echoes back to the early ‘00s. The wallet portion has hidden card slots and a double magnetic closure to keep your goods secure. Get the 13 mini version here.

Dual Color Silicone iPhone Case With Card Holder

This iPhone 13 mini case is an eye-catching sky blue and includes a built-in card holder that fits up to three cards at once. Grab the iPhone 13 case here.

Wallet Folio Case With MagSafe

This iPhone 13 case is folio style, so the wallet portion flips open like a traditional billfold. Plus, it’s MagSafe compatible. (Unfortunately, this one isn’t available for 13 mini.)

3-Card Wallet Case

This cheerful yellow case includes a built-in wallet on one side, which flips up and fits up to three cards. A bonus? It utilizes antimicrobial technology to keep the germs in check. To get the iPhone 13 version, go here.

PopWallet + Hogwarts Letter

Although you’ll need to have an iPhone 13 or 13 mini case to use this wallet attachment, it’s a great option if you want to be able to take it on or off. Plus, it attaches to any case you own.

Classic Detachable Magnetic Wallet Phone Case Leather Folio Flip

This pretty purple case features a folio flip style wallet that you can detach when you’d like. Plus, its spacious wallet will fit almost anything you need. Go here to get the iPhone 13 case.


MagSafe Cases

If you’re looking for a MagSafe compatible case, look no further. There are plenty of choices that’ll protect your iPhone and make charging a breeze.

iPhone 13 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe - Pink Pomelo

This pink beauty from Apple is a soft, protective silicone with MagSafe compatibility built in. If you want the iPhone 13 case, go here.

Gray Clouds Marble iPhone Case
Velvet Caviar

This MagSafe case features a modern design of marble with gold veining. You can get the iPhone 13 mini case here.

iPhone 13 Leather Case with MagSafe Dark Cherry

This iPhone 13 case is a dark cherry-colored leather, so it’s durable and protective. Plus, MagSafe is built in, so you can charge up without removing the case. Get the iPhone 13 mini version here.

iPhone 13 mini Clear Case with MagSafe

Show off your iPhone’s color with this clear MagSafe case from Apple. If you need the iPhone 13 case, go here.

PopCase for MagSafe

If you’re looking for a colorful option, this case includes MagSafe compatibility and a built-in, swappable PopGrip. (There’s no iPhone 13 mini version available.)

Pink Sharks Case

This iPhone 13 mini case combines a clear background with aesthetic pink sharks, and it’s MagSafe compatible. You can find the iPhone 13 case here.


Colorful & Clear Cases

See the world through rose-colored glasses with these cheerful iPhone cases with colorful and clear designs. Many of these options are also MagSafe compatible.

And I Oop Mixed Swatch Case

This iPhone 13 mini case includes aesthetic colors and a patchwork quilt vibe. From leopard print to stars, you’ll never be bored when you look at this case. To get the iPhone 13 case, go here.

Main Squeeze Orange Stamped Case

This opaque case features the cutest orange graphics and is also MagSafe compatible. If you need the iPhone 13 mini case you can get it here.

Wisteria Blossom iPhone Case

This case combines the durable quality you need with a clear background to show your iPhone 13 mini’s color as well as an overlay of pretty wisteria blooms. You can grab the iPhone 13 version here.

Glitter Nebula iPhone Case
Velvet Caviar

This glittery iPhone 13 mini case features a semi-transparent look and an eye-catching iridescent holographic design. To get the iPhone 13 case, go here.


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