The Best “We Used To Be A Country” Memes To Unlock Core Childhood Memories

Remember malls???

Twitter’s latest meme began by riffing on a Dec. 2 tweet complaining about wearing masks, per Know Your Meme.

“We used to be a country. A proper country,” memes then turned into a major nostalgia party. Check out throwbacks of ‘90s and 2000s trends that dive deep into childhood memories.

J. Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

When you saw Hilary Duff with a wand, you knew something good was coming.

I could use a visit to stuffed animal mountain right about now.

Mary Kate and Ashley knew the assignment.

BRB, logging on.

Nothing better than Trix yogurt helping cotton candy make its way into your lunchbox.

Online games are not the same.

When you used to get a side of gaming with your McNuggets.

Take me back to Tinkerbell’s virtual world.

Strolling in like the emo kid you were.

One Directioners, unite.

The coolest shop in every mall.

There was no shame in the monkey shirt game.

When you couldn’t decide between tacos or pizza, you could grab both.

Between Club Penguin and Moviestar Planet, you could spend hours gaming.

I miss when Miley used to smile at me from so many store aisles.

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