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The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Watch The Bachelor/ette

It’s more than just reality TV. It’s a lifestyle.

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Have you ever wondered if your birth chart might have something to do with your taste in TV? If so, you’re right on the money, because astrology can say so much about not only your personality, but also your pop culture interests.

If you happen to have placements in one of these four zodiac signs, then there’s a strong chance you couldn’t help but fall head over heels for the flirtatious shenanigans that The Bachelor/ette is famous for:


Here’s Why Geminis Are Most Likely To Watch The Bachelor/ette

Geminis are probably the most social, clever, and gossipy people out there, which basically means they can talk about The Bachelor/ette all night long. If you haven’t invited a Gemini to your next watch party, then you better start searching for one ASAP.

Geminis are also incredibly adaptable and understand the nuances of how each contestant needs to play the game in order to win it. Plus, their sense of humor is off the charts, bringing out the hilariousness of every awkward moment in the show.


Here’s Why Leos Are Most Likely To Watch The Bachelor/ette

Leos love to be the center of attention, which basically means they’ll vicariously live through whomever happens to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette of the season. This glamorous sign will take any opportunity to daydream about the idea of being nominated as the next Bach.

Leos also have an irresistible flair for drama and can’t help but find themselves glued to the screen whenever the next conflict breaks out among the contestants or when someone has a complete meltdown.


Here’s Why Libras Are Most Likely To Watch The Bachelor/ette

If there’s one thing that’s true about Libras, it’s that they love courtship. They go bananas over watching someone woo their one true love, which is exactly why this zodiac sign can’t resist The Bachelor/ette.

Even though Libras tend to hate conflict and try to keep the peace at all costs, they’re not above watching romantic drama unfold in other people’s lives. They actually live for it. Always able to see both sides, Libras will be able to analyze the drama with their air of diplomacy.


Here’s Why Pisceans Are Most Likely To Watch The Bachelor/ette

Those born under Pisces are emotional, imaginative, and unbelievably romantic. They can’t help but swoon at the prospect of finding their one true love, and if you haven’t introduced the Pisces in your life to The Bachelor/ette, then you’re doing them a disservice.

Pisces will be the one who intuitively understands the emotional nature of each relationship, which means they’ll probably guess who the winner of The Bachelor/ette will be way before they see the season finale.


While some people are merely casual viewers of the Bachelor franchise, others clearly take things up a notch, proving their status as hardcore fans. If we’re going based on astrology, the four zodiac signs you just saw are probably the ones hosting the next Bachelor Nation watch party.

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