Fair Warning, These 4 Signs Might Start A Fight On Thanksgiving

They could have a (turkey) bone to pick with you.

Even though Thanksgiving is all about counting your blessings and sharing a tasty meal with your family, it's not always as joyful as it sounds. Because your relatives can be stubborn about their opinions, this holiday can also lead to some pretty intense arguments.

At the end of the day, an argument doesn't mean you and your family love each other any less. It just means there are some passionate people seated at the table. If you're wondering which zodiac signs are most likely to start a fight on Thanksgiving 2021, here's the 411:

Here’s Why Taurus Is Most Likely To Start A Fight On Thanksgiving:

During this year's Thanksgiving, the moon will be in your sensitive fourth house of home and family. This will put you in the zone to enjoy some time with your close loved ones, but it could also put you in an emotional headspace.

As the moon squares off with testy Mars, you may feel very aware of the injustices and resentments that still hang heavy at the table. Maintaining good graces is a careful balance that could easily be thrown off course if it feels like the negatives outweigh the positives.

Here’s Why Leo Is Most Likely To Start A Fight On Thanksgiving:

You might feel more touchy than usual during Thanksgiving. The moon will be in Leo, which will leave you feeling more vulnerable to the way others treat you. There's a chance that someone else's actions could leave you feeling attacked, even if that was never their intention.

Because this moon will also square off with combative Mars, you could feel more confident in your ability to win an argument, giving you the push to discuss the elephant in the room. Something could easily put you on the defensive, so be aware of unexpected outbursts.

Here’s Why Scorpio Is Most Likely To Start A Fight On Thanksgiving:

If it feels like you've been in the mood to fight lately, it's no surprise. Aggressive Mars is currently in Scorpio, making you feel a little more impulsive and quick to anger than usual. If anyone's going to be a tough cookie at Thanksgiving, it's probably you.

Plus, the moon will be in your domineering 10th house as it squares off with Mars. This could make you feel a lot less sympathetic to where other people are coming from. A little argument might even help you let off some steam. If they can't take the heat, they can stay out of the kitchen.

Here’s Why Aquarius Is Most Likely To Start A Fight On Thanksgiving:

Lashing out isn't the only way to start an argument. Sometimes, you can start a fight simply by being rigid and uncooperative, causing other people to feel frustrated. During Thanksgiving, the moon will be in your partnership sector, making people want to connect with you.

However, because the moon will also oppose inhibiting Saturn, you might be putting up imposing boundaries instead of engaging in the holiday fun. Boundaries are always healthy, but sometimes, it gets to the point where the boundaries leave literally zero room for flexibility.

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