4 Signs May Feel Argumentative This New Year’s Eve

Some strong words are likely to be exchanged before the ball drops.

As the clock winds down on 2021, emotions will be running pretty high for some on New Year’s Eve as the moon links up with Mars in the expansive, knowledge-oriented sign of Sagittarius.

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With emotions packing a bit more of an intense expression on this day, four zodiac signs will have a harder time keeping their feels under wraps, leading to potential conflict — possibly even fights.

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Here’s Why Aries Is Most Likely To Fight On NYE:

As the assertive, active sign of the zodiac, you’re always quick to speak your mind. On NYE, you’ll be even quicker to share your beliefs than usual.

While you may feel the need to get a bit preachy at a NYE party, be mindful of how your own beliefs could potentially clash with another person’s. Remember, your life philosophies are valid, but so are everyone else’s.

Here’s Why Gemini Is Most Likely To Fight On NYE:

As the curious, communicative sign of the zodiac, you tend to thrive in spaces where you can speak your mind. But on New Year’s Eve, your words may not be received in the lighthearted, playful way that you intend them.

You’ll be prompted to express your emotions to your partner in a way that’s honest and assertive. Just be mindful of how much you’re sharing. Your SO may not need to know everything that’s on your mind, especially if you haven’t given these feelings much thought.

Here’s Why Libra Is Most Likely To Fight On NYE:

You’re not typically the first to jump into a debate, but on New Year’s Eve you’ll be feeling a bit more vocal than usual, and eager to finally speak on things you’ve possibly stayed quiet about.

You’ll really be leaning into the parts of yourself that you don’t always outwardly display. Be sure to watch how you’re expressing yourself though, because these newfound realizations could rub some people the wrong way.

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Here’s Why Sagittarius Is Most Likely To Fight On NYE:

As the knowledge-focused sign of the zodiac, you’re always looking for ways to drop wisdom. That desire will be amplified as the moon and Mars meet up in your sign on NYE.

With the astrology on NYE, you’ll be feeling a bit more combative, so try not to take someone else’s difference in opinions too personally. Their personal views are likely not meant to be taken as a personal attack, so be sure to keep an open mind.

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