Here’s The 1 Airbnb You Should Put On Your Bucket List, Based On Your Zodiac

The stars have aligned for the perfect vacay.

by Andrea Hannah
Adam Crowley/Tetra images/Getty Images

If you’re more than ready for a vacay, your zodiac sign can give you a clue to which unique Airbnb you should have on your travel bucket list.

Are you more of a cozy chalet or sprawling villa person? Click through some of the most popular rentals to see what your star sign says about the Airbnb you should rent.


Aries: This Modern Airbnb

As the first sign of the zodiac, fiery Aries loves all things exciting and new. This modern rental in Mineral de Chico, Mexico features clean lines and geometric decor that trendsetting Aries will appreciate.


Taurus: This Greenhouse Airbnb

There are two things every Taurus loves: a lot of luxury and a little nature. This historic greenhouse Airbnb in lush Marietta, Georgia has plenty of both to enjoy.


Gemini: This Van Airbnb

Spontaneous Gemini will love hopping into this Airbnb RV camper in Maui and exploring the island on a whim. When they’re ready to wind down for the night, they can throw open the doors and fall asleep beside the ocean.


Cancer: This Farmhouse Airbnb

Homey Cancer will love bringing their friends and family along to fill up this historic farmhouse in France. On top of the garden views and private acreage, there’s also an open-air kitchen so Cancer can experiment with local ingredients.


Leo: This Villa Airbnb

Only a villa fit for royalty will do for Leo, and this modern Airbnb villa in Mexico hits all the right marks. Leo loves to luxuriate, and the private pools and gourmet kitchen will keep any Leo more than happy.


Virgo: This Sustainable Airbnb

Virgo appreciates clean lines, good architecture, and eco-friendly materials, and this sustainable house in the Californian desert has it all covered. This off-the-grid house runs completely on solar power and a minimalist design that Virgo will swoon over.


Libra: This A-Frame Airbnb

As the most harmonious sign of the zodiac, Libra appreciates a blend of modern design with cozy details. This A-frame cabin in Vermont features all the up-to-date amenities with the charm of a snow-covered cabin.


Scorpio: This Chalet Airbnb

Secretive Scorpio will love to stow away in this chalet among the trees in Oregon. Filled with elegant details and completely secluded, which every privacy-loving Scorpio will appreciate.


Sagittarius: This Treehouse Airbnb

As the most adventurous sign, Sagittarius will love the climb to the top of this remote Airbnb treehouse in North Carolina. It features epic views and even an indoor fireplace to cozy up to after a full day of exploring.


Capricorn: This Yurt Airbnb

This gorgeous yurt is situated in in the mountains of Georgia, and features all the modern amenities luxury-loving Capricorn could want. Cap also loves to reach the top, and the surrounding mountain hikes will take them there.


Aquarius: This Offbeat Airbnb

Quirky and curious Aquarius will love staying in a totally offbeat Airbnb rental in Idaho. It’s literally a giant replica of a potato and decked out with all the creature comforts on the inside to make this a super unique experience.


Pisces: This Boathouse Airbnb

Every water-loving Pisces will love dipped their toes into the river right outside the front door of this unique boathouse. It even features multiple decks for lounging and sunbathing when Pisces isn’t taking a dip in the water.


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