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These Non-Flower Mother's Day Bouquets For 2022 Include Breadsticks And Cheese

Your gift will do more than just bloom this year.

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Courtesy of Olive Garden

While flowers may be a go-to for Mother’s Day, you’re specifically looking for something unique and creative to give your fave person this year. How about some Mother's Day bouquets for 2022 that aren’t flowers?

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These one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day bouquets feature things like cheese and breadsticks, but still manage to look Insta-worthy at the same time. They’re the perfect Mother’s Day gifts to get your number one since day one, so scroll through to find the right one for your mom.


Breadstick Bouquet

The breadsticks are just as important to Olive Garden as your mom is to you. Treat her to the most delicious bouquet this year by getting her a Breadstick Bouquet. All you need to do is order some take-and-bake breadsticks from Olive Garden and wrap them up in a Mother’s Day wrapper you color yourself.

Courtesy of Olive Garden

Buttercream Frosted Long Stemmed Cookie Flowers

If your mom has a bit of a sweet tooth, she’ll love this cookie flower bouquet ($40). It comes with buttercream frosted cut-out cookies that are almost too pretty to eat — almost.

Cheryl's Cookies

DIY Cheese Bouquet

DIY your mom a cheese bouquet with the help of Wisconsin Cheese. All you need to do is follow their easy instructions to roll up your cheese slices and make roses out of them. Arrange your edible gift with some breadsticks and even meat roses in a nice vase for a homemade charcuterie bouquet.

Courtesy of Wisconsin Cheese

Happy Mother’s Day Donut and Cake Pop Bouquet

You donut want to miss out on a chance to give your mom a donut bouquet ($55). This edible arrangement is made with donuts and cake pops. Included in the bouquet, your mom will get a treats like Belgian dark, white, and milk chocolate covered mini donuts and cake pops with cute sprinkles.


Butterfly Bouquet

Since you already plan on giving your mom a Mother’s Day card, why not make the card a bouquet as well? This Lovepop butterfly bouquet ($24) is a non-traditional Mother’s Day bouquet that comes with an insert where you can write your own heartfelt message inside.


Baby Blossom Pink Layette Bouquets

For any new moms you may know, this baby bouquet ($55) is super adorable. The small bundle comes with a bodysuit, three washcloths, three pairs of socks, and two disposable diapers that are all wrapped in a flannel blanket.


Persona Bouquet Gift Set

Treat your mom to a customized bouquet ($55) based on her interests. If she’s a tea lover, she’ll adore this bouquet filled with loose leaf tea, honey lollipops, and a tea strainer. Anthropologie also has a bouquet for DIY queens that comes with knitting needles, skeins of yarn, a scarf pattern, and a tape measure.


Soap Bouquet

These soaps look so much like flowers that your mom will think she’s been treated to a fresh bouquet. In actuality, these are peony-shaped soaps ($56) that smell like mangos, and your mom can use them in her bathroom or as home decor.


Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

For something savory, you could get your mom this beef jerky bouquet ($59). Order either eight or 12 “stems” of teriyaki, hot, original, or a mix of all three beef jerky varieties that look like flowers.


Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

You can’t go wrong with a candy bouquet. While you could always DIY your own edible candy arrangement, Etsy also has a ton of candy bouquets for you to choose from, like this Ferrero Rocher bouquet ($70). Choose between a small, medium, or large chocolate bouquet that your mother will surely love a choco-lot.


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