Mercury Retrograde Ends On June 3, But There’s A Catch

Just because it's over doesn't mean it's really over.

by Valerie Mesa

And just like that, Mercury retrograde spring 2022 has come to an end — or did it? From May 10 to June 3, the cosmos challenged us to take a step back and reassess everything from our communication style to the value of our exchanges. It likely brought clarity with regards to the connections that are worthy of our investment.

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But after every Mercury retrograde comes its post-retrograde shadow phases, or “retroshade,” so — in the words of Katy Perry — just because it's over doesn't mean it's really over.

Here’s what your zodiac sign can expect until June 18.


What did you discover about yourself throughout this retrograde period, Aries? Whether it be the way you speak up about your desires, or the sporadic subscription you had no idea you were paying for on a monthly basis, I bet you’re glad you had this eureka moment.

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Did you take your power back, Taurus? Everything from your unique value system to your sense of self-worth was brought to the forefront throughout this retrograde cycle. Some of you discovered a unique talent or hidden skill you have yet to fully tap into.

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A full-circle moment that starts and ends with you, Gemini. The more you check-in with yourself, the more self-aware you become. And though you typically experience the retrograde effects more than most, this last cycle might’ve brought more clarity than you expected.

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It’s not always what you think it is, Cancer. Have you been consciously choosing to keep to yourself, as opposed to leaning on your friends and peers for support? Stepping outside of your comfort zone can feel incredibly rewarding, and this retro-period showed you this firsthand.

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Your colorful visions of the future continue to evolve, and it’s only the beginning, Leo. Whether it be the way you spruced up your resume, or the new opportunities that were brought to your attention, this retrograde cycle more than likely gave you another source of inspiration.

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You’re following your inner compass, Virgo. Similar to your Mercury-ruled sibling, Gemini, you feel the retrograde effects more than most, but there’s also a bright side to this, as you are becoming more aware of your sense of direction. Whether personally or professionally, this time of reflection likely encouraged you to explore other horizons.

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Are your current commitments benefiting you, or keeping you stagnant? You’ve been giving a lot of thought to themes surrounding your intimate partnerships, but you’re starting to look at the bigger picture, Libra. Some of you may even go as far as going back to school, or traveling abroad to clear your head.

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Is the partnership really worth the compromise, Scorpio? Whether personally or professionally, this retrograde cycle put a spotlight on matters of “give and take,” while bringing clarity on the foundation of your exchange. If you’re fully invested, then it’s time to put in the work.

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It’s a delicate balance, Sagittarius. Have your commitments and partnerships gotten in the way of your day-to-day rituals? This retrograde period may have brought clarity with regards to the areas where you have been overextending yourself, and neglecting your own routine in the process.

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There’s something really valuable about honoring your individual process. Whether it be related to a unique health regimen you follow, or something as simple as spending time outdoors every weekend, this retro-period likely served as a reminder to create more time in your day for personal fulfillment.

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You don’t have to be lovey-dovey or hyper-emotional to be self-aware, Aquarius. And despite whether it revolves around a romantic love interest, this retrograde cycle put a spotlight on your innermost feelings, and how you express yourself when needed. Your love language may have also been a source of reflection at this time. What did you discover?

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Do your surroundings feel like home, Pisces? Without dwelling on the need to relocate, this past Mercury retrograde cycle likely brought focus to your perception of security, and whether it resonates with your current reality. However, the comfort you desire may already lie within you, and you’re starting to recognize this firsthand.

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