The End Of Mercury Retrograde Spells Big Changes For Every Zodiac Sign

You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Aries: You Have Increased Mental Clarity

Your communicative style got a big overhaul while Mercury reworked third house matters in your chart. Miscommunication was imminent for a while, but you made it through the brain fog and have emerged with a renewed mind.

Taurus: Your Finances Have Been Restructured

As a fixed earth sign, you’re all about financial security. This Mercury retrograde prompted you to get all of your monetary affairs in order, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor to the fullest.

Gemini: You’re Ready To Move Forward With Exciting Ideas

Since Mercury’s your ruling planet, dealing with a retrograde in your first house hasn’t been a cakewalk. Mercury’s been encouraging you to revise what you know, but now's your chance to finally act on your new endeavors.

Cancer: Your Mental Health Has Improved

This retrograde prompted you to rework some of your mental health practices. Now that it's commenced, you’re noticing some major strides in your overall well-being. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so keep that in mind as you move forward.

Leo: You’re Enjoying Renewed Friendships And Social Groups

This retrograde has prompted you to take a close look at your posse and make necessary adjustments, but you’re now able to easily identify who your real friends are without hesitation. Feels good, huh?

Virgo: Your Career Is Being Elevated To New Heights

As one of the Mercury-ruled signs, this rx likely hit you hard, but the strides in your career are no accident. Expect continuous growth in your career during this season, and don’t be afraid to pitch your productive ideas.

Libra: Spiritual Growth Has Broadened Your Horizons

Your ninth house got a lot of love, piquing your curiosity on how you can best get in touch with your spiritual side. Mercury rx planted the seed, now it’s time to take the plunge. Enroll in that course or book that retreat.

Scorpio: Boundaries In Your Relationships Have Been Enforced

You’re always the one to feel things deeply, and this retrograde prompted you to ensure that you’re honoring your deepest desires. Sharing how you feel can be hard, but your loved ones will appreciate your honesty.

Sagittarius: Your Romantic Relationships Have Transformed

You likely had to make some tough decisions in your love life, but you’ve come out of the other side. With or without a partner, you’ve made it out of the realm of self-doubt and can fully step into your freedom.

Capricorn: The Healthy Habits You’ve Learned Will Stick

As the worker bee of the zodiac, you needed a healthy daily routine in place, and the Mercury retrograde gods granted your wish. Even though the retrograde is ending, you’ll find that the habits you’ve established aren’t going anywhere.

Aquarius: Your Creative Endeavors Continue To Thrive

The retrograde prompted you to reevaluate how you experience pleasure. As it comes to an end, you’ll continue prioritizing playful pursuits. Life's meant to be enjoyed; despite the rx being annoying, it reignited your spark.

Pisces: Restructuring Your Home Has Worked Wonders

Mercury rx encouraged you to restructure your living space. Difficult conversations with family or roommates may have been a theme, but going forward you’ll experience a much more peaceful living environment.

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