5 Organization Hacks To Copy From Kris Jenner’s Glass And Dish Room

There’s definitely some Bridgerton inspo going on here.

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It seems Khloé Kardashian gets her organizing skills from her mother, and if you adore Khloé’s pantry, you’ll find Kris Jenner’s glassware collection and dish room to be just as desirable. In fact, you may want to adopt some of Kris Jenner’s organization tips for her glassware and dishes for your own Insta-worthy set-up.

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Tip No. 1:

Keep Your Sets Together

One of the first things you’ll notice in Jenner’s dish room is that each dinnerware set has its own section and is neatly displayed over several shelves. Instead of organizing by dish type, having an entire collection together makes it easier for you to set a full table.

Hermès Balcon du Guadalquivir Dinnerware

When you have a fancy dinnerware set like this Gearys set in Jenner’s collection, you’ll want to have it all together on display for that bright pop of color.


Tip No. 2:

Keep Your Teacups On Their Saucers

If you have the counter space, placing your teacups individually on their saucers creates a clean look rather than just stacking them on top of each other. A teacup can even be used to fill in any empty space between your stacks of plates.

Tea Cups and Saucers Set

Not only is having some teacups on display cute, but they’re also full of Regencycore vibes as well. You’ll feel like a Bridgerton and be prepared to sip and spill the tea for Season 2 in no time.


Tip No. 3:

Use Tea Trays On Your Counter

While your kitchen cabinets may be where you want to store your glassware, Jenner has her coffee and tea trays front and center on display on her counter.

Oblong Tray with Integrated Handle

Having a bougie tea tray to set the glassware that may not fit perfectly in your cabinets is a great way to maintain the organized look.


Tip No. 4:

Arrange Your Glassware By Height

For Jenner’s glassware, she has the smaller cups and glasses on the bottom shelves. That means her top shelves are reserved for tall wine glasses or glass pitchers.

MacKenzie-Childs Tango Tumbler
Neiman Marcus

This method of storing cups by height also keeps your more used water cups on shelves that are lower and therefore easier to access.


Tip No. 5:

Use Some Plates For Display

While Jenner has most of her plates stacked in piles on her top shelves, she also uses a few to display in the back of the shelf. This not only looks great, but also helps you find the set you’re looking for easily.

Iron Display Stand

A few plate stands like these iron ones from Amazon will make it easier for you to display your plates in the back of your shelf.


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