I’m An Astrologer, And The Stars Say This Is The 1 Day In June Every Sign Will Experience Romance

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by Valerie Mesa
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On June 19, pleasure-seeking Venus will join fantasy-loving Neptune in a sweet sextile. This celestial synergy adds a dreamy quality to our romantic connections, and a sensual lure to flirtatious exchanges, making it the most romantic day of June 2022.


Take a load off, Aries. Go somewhere where you can decompress, and be your most authentic self. If you’re already romantically involved, falling for your special someone won’t be hard under today’s dreamy skies. Make a wish, and indulge in the pleasures of life. You are worth it.

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Head out for a charming night on the town, Taurus. In addition to having your planetary ruler, Venus, in your sign, the goddess of love will also be in harmony with dreamy Neptune. Discover new attractions in your community, and have the best date night ever.

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Meditation is a form of self-love, Gemini. Despite whether you’re romantically attached, today’s astrology is nothing short of whimsical. Indulge in a scenic view or a warm cup of coffee. Your senses are heightened, and you’re luring in potential prospects via your snazzy selfie game.

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The journey has only begun, Cancer. Falling for a friend, or someone in your social network? Today’s fantasy-filled alignments are equally as serendipitous as they are spiritually fulfilling. If you’re presented with the opportunity to take a leap of faith, follow your intuition.

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Ready to take things to the next level, Leo? In addition to having Venus charm your public 10th house of reputation, the planet of love will also harmonize with dreamy Neptune in the most intimate area of your birth chart today. It’s a hybrid of tradition and your ultimate fantasy.

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Your perception of someone is changing in unexpected ways, Virgo. If you’re already romantically involved, this love interest is inspiring you to look at matters of romance in a completely different way. And for those of you currently single, you are likely to encounter a dreamy suitor while traveling, if not someone from a different cultural background.

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Every day brings forth the opportunity to fall in love, Libra. This is especially true with your planetary ruler, Venus, harmonizing with fantasy-loving Neptune today, as both of these alluring planets will adorn your day with romance and blissful charm.

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When you know, you know, Scorpio. It’s also not everyday that Venus charms your committed seventh house of significant others, all the while dancing with dreamy Neptune. Your heart space is healing, and willing to invest in the right person. Already falling for the one? Wearing your heart on your sleeve has never felt so good.

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When was the last time you took the day off, and spent time with your sweetheart, Sag? If you’re not already romantically involved, today’s sultry Venus-Neptune sextile is encouraging you to create more room in your day for love, romance, pleasure, and emotional fulfillment. Swimming and indulging your five senses is always a good idea.

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Being in good company alway feels like a treat, especially when you’re around, Capricorn. Although, when considering today’s seductive Venus-Neptune sextile, you may opt for a virtual meeting or some long overdue FaceTime with your crush. Intuitively, you could feel that someone’s interested, which makes you pull upon their heart strings in return.

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Spending more time with your crush, Aquarius? Some of you may even go as far as bringing them into your personal space, or vice versa. Although, when considering today’s whimsical Venus-Neptune sextile, chances are something as silly as going window shopping is more than enough reason to be close to one another.

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You’re full of surprises, and that’s one of the many colorful attributes that make you so appealing, Pisces. The compassion in your heart and innate desire to be a helping hand may prove to be incredibly rewarding today, as you will be greeted with a sweet gesture in return. Crushing on someone in your immediate surroundings? The day is swathed in dreamy charm.

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