13 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Like A Spa Using Etsy Products

They're all under $75, so your bathroom can look cozy & serene without shocking your wallet.

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Every room in your home should feel like a safe space. Here, you’ll find 13 Etsy products that will help you make your bathroom another place for you to relax.

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Mini White Unscented Aesthetic Twist Candle Set

You may have seen twisty candles on your Instagram or TikTok feed. Now, it's time to get yourself a twisty candle for your bathroom. You can set this one up on a floating shelf with extra towels, or next to your skin care products.

Body Cleansing Bar

Showering can feel therapeutic — like every soapy bubble is removing stress. Treat yourself to some bar soap that's handmade with love. This one comes in scents like "pretty pretty please," which is a combo of essential oils like sweet orange and pink grapefruit.

Bath Salts, Rose

Most spas have a selection of services you can choose from. In your at-home spa, opt for soaking in the tub with these natural and vegan bath salts. They come in four scents such as lavender and rose. Pick the one that'll make your soaks feel luxe.

Glass Water Kettle Jar with Wood Lid

You may want a full-on self-care night, complete with face masks and good music. This pitcher will act like the jug of cucumber water at a spa, and keep your body hydrated from one step to the next. Put slices of lemon inside it for a burst of citrus.

Glass Bottle

It's way more aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly to put your products into glass bottle. This glass bottle comes in white, black, cedar, or amber, as well as its own label. It may be in your best interest to buy a few for your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Home Spa Bathtub Pillow

Bubble baths may turn you off right now because they're a bit uncomfortable. Leaning against the cold tile? No thanks! Enter, this bathtub pillow that'll be your new BFF. Put it on the edge of your tub, and prepare for the comfiest bath yet.

Fluffy Indoor Slippers

These slippers are cozier than what a spa would give you, and are great for relaxing well after your self-care night. Pair them with your favorite sweatpants while you watch TV, or keep them in your new bathroom for easy access.

Art Print, Body

This art print celebrates the body, and will make you smile every time you see it. From the bright colors, to the aura of self-love it gives off, it will be the best reminder to appreciate your body and all it does for you.

Organic Bamboo Cotton Facial Rounds

We love an earth-friendly product, and these cotton rounds are just that. You can use them to clean your face, remove your makeup, or even remove your nail polish at the end of the day. Then, you can put them in the laundry to be used again.

Wall Mirror

You may not be an interior designer, but you know an accent piece when you see one. Let this mirror be a focal point of your bathroom. Its frame has just enough detailing to do so, and puts the finishing touch on your bathroom spa.


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