These 2021 Holiday Home Decor Trends Include Vibrant Colors And Nostalgic Ornaments

Here’s what experts at Etsy, Michaels, and Target are predicting.

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to swap out those skeletons and spiderwebs for some jolly wreaths and festive garlands. Along with your annual Christmas tree and twinkly lights, you may want to consider incorporating some of these 2021 holiday home decor trends into your decorating this year.

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Of course, it always helps to have a game plan before you start throwing tinsel around the room. Here are the holiday decor trends you’ll see in 2021, according to experts at Etsy, Michaels, and Target,

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Merry & Bright Color Palettes

Green and red don’t have to be the only colors you see this holiday season. Etsy recommends you expand your holiday color palette to include all the colors of the rainbow with pink wreaths ($64, Etsy) and multicolored ornaments ($72, Etsy).

Paper Decor

There’s no need to go out and buy a bunch of new garlands and wreaths for your home. Instead, Michaels suggests you keep it budget-friendly and simple with some creative paper decor. You could even have a wine and craft night with your BFFs where you make some festive paper lanterns and flower garland while watching Elf.

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Let It Glow

Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson says that “good lighting is the key to [getting in the] mood” this holiday season. Things like candles ($10, Target) and twinkle lights ($2, Target) can “immediately set the mood” in any room in your home, so really go all out and let your home shine. As they say, the more the better.

The “Slow And Grow”

Don’t listen to the Scrooges who say it’s too early to start decorating. Henderson also tells Target that instead of waiting till December, employ the “slow and grow” decorating style. Start now with some lights and garland ($23, Target), and add a bit more as you get closer to December until it’s an Insta-worthy winter wonderland.

Organic Ornaments

Both Etsy and Michaels have noted that organic and raw materials are super trendy for the holidays and have a cottagecore feel to them. Add some shell ($20, Etsy) or mushroom ornaments ($32, Etsy) to your tree. You could even DIY some homemade wood ornaments ($3, Michaels) with your roomies.

Checkerboard Prints

Skip the traditional and go for something more whimsical by having lots of checkered print decor in your home. Etsy has seen an increase in checkered print searches this year, so you can expect to see lots of colorful stockings ($20, Etsy) and ornaments ($24, Etsy).

Nostalgic Christmas

With more people able to travel home this year for the holidays, Michaels is seeing an increase in nostalgic Christmas decor. This means upping the traditional decorations and adding in a few extra homemade ornaments. You could even get your fam and friends together to DIY some decor you’ll want to keep forever.

DIY Advent Calendars

There’s no better way to countdown to the holidays than with an advent calendar, and Michaels is seeing an increase in DIY calendars this year. Even Henderson says that personal and meaningful decor items are better this year, so fill your advent calendars ($30, Michaels) with homemade surprises and personalized gifts.

Showstopping Tablescapes

You may still be keeping your holiday celebrations small this year, which means you’ll need a standout tablescape for your BFF dinner party. Etsy is making it super easy for you with tablescaping kits ($250, Etsy) and table decor sets ($151, Etsy) that have everything you need.

Decorating Every Room

In the past, you may have just decorated your living room, but this year, Henderson says there will be an increase in “holiday moments everywhere.” That means you’ll want to decorate your kitchen with a wreath ($28, Target), bedroom with a wall hanging ($20, Target), and even your coffee cart with a festive tree ($20, Target).

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