The Euphoria Character For Your Zodiac Sign Will Make You *Feel Something*

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What’s the astrology behind HBO Max's Euphoria?

If you've been swept away by Euphoria’s gorgeous and gritty universe, you're not alone. Between the dreamy soundscapes and the psychedelic lighting, what's not to love? The teenage world depicted in Euphoria is rough, but it's got just enough sparkle to keep it romantic *and* nostalgic.


Each episode, a character's backstory reveals what shaped them. Everyone's far from perfect, but even at their worst, they somehow manage to be captivating. In fact, they're complex enough to capture all 12 signs. Here's your zodiac sign’s Euphoria character alter ego:

Aries: Ashtray

Ashtray may be one of the most mysterious characters on Euphoria and he radiates Mars energy. Like a stereotypical Aries, he's never afraid of a fight. He has no issue with throwing down if it means protecting his older brother, Fez, and he can be pretty impulsive with a hammer.

Taurus: Gia

Fiercely loyal Gia has something that's solid and reliable about her, making her resemble a Taurus. Even when she flirts with danger and bends the rules, she always snaps back into her true self when the going gets tough. She knows who she loves and she knows what her values are.

Gemini: Kat

Kat is clever and resourceful, making her a total Gemini. Not only did she grow up writing erotic fan fiction that always went viral on Tumblr, she also values her independence and her right to be as naughty or nice as she pleases. Like any Gemini, Kat doesn't believe in labels.

Cancer: Fezco

Fez is protective and caring, which screams Cancer. He runs a “family business” with his younger brother, which reflects Cancer's nurturing quality. His sweet sense of humor makes you want to give him a hug, but don't mistake his niceness for naivety.

Leo: McKay

McKay just wants to prove himself, which is very Leo of him. When his football dreams are dashed, he has to reexamine his whole sense of self. He's also romantic like a Leo, as seen in his love for Cassie. However, his Leo pride can inhibit him from expressing his true feelings.

Virgo: Rue

Rue jokingly refers to herself as a "genius," which is incredibly Virgo of her. Rue is analytical, thoughtful, and more intelligent than she knows what to do with. She's always the first person to get to the bottom of everyone's drama, but she can also think herself into a wall.

Libra: Jules

All Jules wants is to fall in love and make friends, just like a Libra. Her lighthearted energy brings balance to any situation and her fashion sense captures the attention of everyone. Plus, she dances around the Euphoria-verse like a mythical fairy. What's more Libra than that?

Scorpio: Maddy

You've heard Scorpios are intense, passionate, loyal, and secretive, which describes Maddy to a T. Her devotion to Nate is never in question, even when their relationship is toxic. She's also more strategic than people think, hence why she's still holding onto Cal's secret disk.

Sagittarius: Elliot

Elliot is a chameleon, which is a major Sagittarius trait. He's also wild, uninhibited, and isn't afraid to push boundaries, which explains why he stole booze from a liquor store and had fun while doing it. Elliot is free-spirited, but somewhat nihilistic, which is so Sag of him.

Capricorn: Nate

On the surface, Nate seems like a typical jock, but he's far more complex. He's always not one, but five steps ahead of everyone, which is why his dossier of secrets is so endless. His slow-burning rage is always palpable, but it's also what fuels his draconian level of ambition.

Aquarius: Lexi

Lexi is a self-described "observer," making her an Aquarius. On the fringe of the social scene, she can see things other people don't. She's even writing a play about her relationship with her sister, Cassie. She's also quirky, which explains why she was Bob Ross for Halloween.

Pisces: Cassie

Cassie is dreamy and emotional. Her romantic fantasies lead her down dangerous and irresistible paths and her Pisces essence is clear in how she's always looking for love. She thrives off of enchanting others and being enchanted in return. She's also too vulnerable for her own good.


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