8 Caffeine Alternatives To Try For An Energy Boost

No jitters here.

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Ditching caffeine isn’t easy, especially if you have a busy life and lose steam quickly. However, high doses of caffeine daily can increase stress hormones in a short-term dopamine kick, making it addictive. If you’re looking for a energy-boosting stand-in for your morning coffee without the afternoon crash, these eight caffeine alternatives will do the trick.

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There are so many traditional, revitalizing remedies that have been around much longer than the classic cup of joe. You don’t have to sacrifice a cozy beverage in the morning, because many of these options can be served as familiar, sweet sips to give your morning a kickstart. Click through for natural, non-caffeinated alternatives to revive your energy.

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Peppermint tea or essential oils will give you some pep in your step without the caffeine. The sharp flavor and scent increases alertness, whether you drink it steeped in tea or rub the oil on your skin on your pulse points to give you a boost throughout the day.


Maca Root Powder

Maca, which you can buy in a form of powder, is an adaptogen with high levels of potassium that aid in your metabolism, and provides a strong boost of energy. You can incorporate the versatile superfood into a smoothie or on top of granola and oats for a nutty flavor.

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Lemon Water

Lemon water can also be a mild alternative to caffeine. The bright citrus smell and flavor supports energy production, makes you more alert, and reduces stress due to its dose of vitamins B and potassium. Plus, the Vitamin C in lemon juice helps you absorb iron, which prevents fatigue.

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Vitamin B12 Supplement

Vitamin B is an essential caffeine-free source of energy. Your body relies on Vitamin B12 to form red blood cells, and B12 also helps to convert fat and protein to glucose — or energy. If you feel fatigued or unfocused, you might just be low on B12.

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Golden Turmeric Milk

This traditional Indian drink is a warm cup of energy that’ll hit the spot early in the morning. It’s made with milk (cow or plant-based) and turmeric, but you can also add cinnamon and ginger. Studies show turmeric has mood-boosting and focusing properties, and is anti-inflammatory.

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Matcha powder still contains caffeine, but it’s a much lighter alternative to coffee and is less acidic, with lower levels of caffeine that last longer through the day. Green tea also has the amino acid L-theanine which reduces stress levels for a non-jittery boost.

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Reishi Mushroom Tea

Reishi mushrooms have been widely used in traditional Asian medicine and make for a naturally revitalizing cup of tea without caffeine. They’re known as a “superior adaptogen,” because a cup of tea can help balance stress, sharpen your concentration, and fight fatigue.

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Carob is usually known as a low-calorie, high-nutrition alternative to chocolate, but it can also give you a boost without the caffeine. This superfood mimics the experience of warm cocoa or coffee without the jitters. Plus, carob helps with digestion and blood sugar control.