Bridgerton-Themed Tea Is Here To Let You Sip (Or Spill) It Like Lady Whistledown

I’ve got my eye on Anthony and Kate’s Spiced Chai.

Courtesy of Republic Of Teas

Bridgerton fans have more than just Season 2 to look forward to. You can also sip like a member of the ton with the Bridgerton Tea Collection from The Republic of Tea.

The limited-edition teas dropped March 21. Sip blends inspired by your favorite characters, like the Duke and Duchess of Hastings.

From iced teas to a spicy chai, there are plenty of options to transport you to the Regency period.

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Duke & Duchess Honey Breakfast Tea
The Republic Of Tea

Inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Hastings, this strong black tea is paired with honey to create the perfect match, as well as hints of blackberry and vanilla flavors.

Anthony & Kate Spiced Chai
The Republic Of Tea

This black tea chai features cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper to create a cup of tea no one wants to mess with. Though it may taste best when paired with a drama-filled scheme, it’s not required.

Queen's Cake Vanilla Fruit Tea
The Republic Of Tea

No one knows taste better than Queen Charlotte. Sip like a queen with this herbal blend of rich vanilla, black currants, and lemon.

Featherington Blood Orange Mimosa Tea
The Republic Of Tea

Everyone deserves to let loose, just ask Penelope Featherington. This caffeine-free hibiscus tea is made with blood oranges and champagne essence, and makes for the perfect midday mimosa break.

Whistledown Punch Hibiscus Iced Tea
The Republic of Tea

It’s always polite to treat your guests to a cup of (iced) tea. Stay cool with this refreshing and caffeine-free mix of exotic hibiscus blossoms, citrus fruit, and pineapple steep.

Bridgerton White Honey for Tea
The Republic Of Tea

You can’t have tea without the honey, and this raw white honey mix is sure to take your must-have cup of tea to the next level.

Bridgerton Day Planner
The Republic Of Tea

The Bridgerton tea collection doesn’t stop at tea — you can also keep track of all your royal engagements (and your Bridgerton watch parties with your besties) with the Bridgerton Day Planner.


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