A Necessary Guide To All The New Boys In The Wilds

Let's run down each character.

by Ani Bundel
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At the end of The Wilds’ first season, the series revealed there was a second set of castaways, eight boys in the Twilight of Adam, apparent foils to the Dawn of Eve’s eight girls. Let’s run down who plays who in The Wilds Season 2’s new cast.

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Actor: Zack Calderon

Raf straddles two worlds, living in Tijuana but attending high school in San Diego. His divided life led him to struggle with self-esteem, so he gravitates toward those with charismatic personalities he perceives as strong.

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Actor: Nicholas Coombe

Josh is an awkward, nervous hypochondriac, the odd boy out in his athletic, tennis-playing, wealthy family. He is also a walking pharmacy of homeopathic remedies to handle chronic stress.

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Actor: Reed Shannon

Scotty is a fast-talking teen entrepreneur from Florida. But his big personality hides serious self-esteem issues. He dreams of making the Forbes 400 alongside his BFF and partner in business, both legal and not so much, Bo.

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Actor: Tanner Ray Rook

Scotty’s BFF is also his polar opposite. He's a soft-spoken teen who is slow to anger. He's loyal to the core for his bud, even if he overthinks everything. Despite a difficult home life, he has an almost naively optimistic outlook.

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Actor: Charles Alexander

The group jock, Kirin, is a lacrosse player, quick to anger and quicker to judge others. As a prominent alpha male, he assumes he’ll be in charge and doesn’t react well when challenged.

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Actor: Miles Gutierrez-Riley

Ivan is a Black and LGBTQ+ activist and aspiring playwright. His best skills are his impeccable fashion sense and razor-sharp wit, which might not seem like much in a castaway sitch, but he keeps people smiling — until his words cut too deep.

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Actor: Aidan Laprete

Henry is your typical gothy introvert type and the polar opposite of his adopted brother, Seth. The two have a complicated relationship, with Henry jealous of Seth’s connection with his mother.

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Actor: Alex Fitzalan

Seth is a sunny extrovert who’s going places. He and Kirin butt heads over the direction their group should take, though Seth doesn’t openly push himself into a leadership role, preferring others to gravitate to his projected (and shady) steadiness.

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The Wilds Season 1 and 2 are streaming now.

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