Swifties, There Are 2~Unofficial~Taylor Swift Emojis In The Latest iOS Drop

Siri, play “Mirrorball.”

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Put your hands up and head to the disco, because there are now two unofficial Taylor Swift emojis. The new iOS 15.4 update features a slate of new emojis, and Swifties quickly noted the heart hands and mirror ball emojis align with Taylor’s iconography.

Courtesy of Apple

The first Swiftie-approved emoji is the two hands forming a heart, aka heart hands!

Earlier in her career, Taylor was known to gesture with heart hands during lives performances, as she did here at the CMT Music Awards in 2009.

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As with anything Taylor-related, there’s always a possibility (though it’s highly unlikely) the new heart hands emoji is secretly an easter egg.

With Swift re-recording many of her albums, could the heart hands be a reference for her 2010 Speak Now era? Maybe!

If you’ve discovered Taylor in here indie-pop era, then you’ll certainly recognize the next Swiftian emoji: the disco ball.

Her 2010 album Folklore includes the standout track, “Mirrorball.” In the song, Taylor sings about feeling like a mirrorball. So, naturally, Swifties noticed a disco ball is now iOS-approved.

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Though the emojis were first announced in January, the iOS 15.4 update is finally available for iPhone users as of March 14. Swifties, it’s time to update your phones immediately.