The Internet's In Shambles Over That Devastating Stranger Things 4 Finale Death

Did they have to kill *that* character!?


Stranger Things has seen the demise of many characters, but Eddie Munson’s heroic death in Season 4 was particularly devastating. In the finale, the caring outcast sacrificed himself to save his friends, and it was basically impossible not to cry as he passed away.


All our hearts broke when he said, “I think it's my year, Henderson. I think it's finally my year.”

I would’ve jumped in to save Eddie too if I could.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. 😭

I hope that in a parallel universe, Eddie is thriving.

Convincing myself he’ll be back in Season 5.

I was holding back tears during that scene.

They did him wrong for this one. Eddie deserved better.

Eleven can bring Eddie back, right? Right?!

Couldn’t agree more.

He’ll forever be an icon and legend. ❤️

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