Twitter Is Swooning Over Lexi And Fezco's Latest Euphoria Moment

BRB, singing "Stand By Me" for the rest of the day.


The sixth episode of Euphoria Season 2 gave Fez and Lexi shippers everything they’d been waiting for. The two shared a romantic moment while serenading each other to “Stand By Me,” and Fez-Lexi shippers on Twitter couldn’t handle the romance.


Don’t mind me, I’ll just be rewatching this scene over and over again.

Did anyone else have hearts in their eyes the whole time?

It’s impossible not to smile while watching it.

Fans have all the warm, fuzzy feelings. All of them!

They said so much without saying anything at all.

Literally everything about that scene was too adorable.

Fexi is single-handedly keeping romance alive.

I mean, they already have their wedding song...

... unless something terrible happens, like the next episode’s promo is hinting.

Either way, Alexa, play “Stand By Me” and don’t stop.

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