These Memes About Kim Kardashian’s Best Advice For Women In Business Are Wild

I have no words.

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Kim Kardashian is in hot water thanks to recent comments she made about work ethic in an interview with Variety. Of course, fans did not hold back their criticism. Here are the best memes in response to the whole ordeal.

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The drama began on March 9 when Kim told Variety, “I have the best advice for women in business: Get your f*cking ass up and work.”

While Kim may have been trying to encourage fans, some found her comments insensitive considering she’s rich and famous.

Critics pointed out the fact that unlike much of the world, Kim was born into a well-known, wealthy family.

She’s also had personal tutors help her study for exams, which is a luxury not everyone can afford.

The Kardashians also have nannies who help take care of their children, which is another fact that didn’t help Kim’s cause.

One fan poked fun at Kim’s advice by sharing that Paris Hilton meme. You know, the one photo edited to appear as if Paris is wearing a “Stop Being Poor” shirt.

Despite the criticisms the Kardashians have faced for years, Kim told Variety that her sisters work their “asses off” and don’t have “the energy” for those who are trying to belittle their accomplishments.

The criticism likely won’t stop when The Kardashians premieres on April 14 on Hulu. I can’t wait to watch.

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