BTS' Surprise Holiday Remix Of "Butter" Is The Best Gift Ever

I'm obsessed with the bells heard in the background.

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Just one day after wrapping up their Permission to Dance On Stage concerts in Los Angeles, BTS dropped a surprise holiday remix of their hit single, “Butter,” on Friday, Dec. 3. Fans shared their thoughts about the song on Twitter and their reactions were everything. Take a look.

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This fan may just be onto something. I won’t be surprised if BTS performs their new remix at their Jingle Ball concert on Dec. 3.

Yup. The remix is on a whole other level.

I know, right? It’s so adorable! It’s the perfect cover for the remix.

It instantly puts you in the holiday spirit.

It’s definitely a 10/10. Trust me.

Can you imagine walking down the aisles of your favorite store and suddenly hearing it?

It’s so good that I’ll be replaying it all winter long.

It’s honestly the best part.

This is such a good idea. It’s the perfect Christmas theme.

BTS really knows how to surprise fans when they least expect it.

Relatable. Catch me playing it on repeat every day.

As she should! I mean, what better way to celebrate the start of December than listening to a BTS holiday remix?

Can you just imagine it? ARMYs, go stream “Eggnog!” LOL.

Enough said.

Yes! I better hear it on the radio.

If you haven’t checked it out already, listen to BTS’ holiday remix of “Butter” here. Happy listening, ARMYs!

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