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Quit Your Job And Send Your Boss These Memes About Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul”

BRB, heading to the club.

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Once again, Beyoncé has the internet buzzing. In the late hours of June 20, she dropped the song, “Break My Soul,” as the introduction to her highly anticipated house music era.

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The uptempo “Break My Soul” is the lead single from her upcoming album, Renaissance, which drops July 27. The track is a thrilling ode to disco and house music with a dash of New Orleans bounce.

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Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I absolutely live for Beyoncé singing in her lower register on “Break My Soul.” She does so for the majority of the track, and I’m completely in love.

Whew, talk about an instant impact. Not to be dramatic, but “Break My Soul” has already gone triple platinum in my house.

In the song, Bey cosplays as a 9-to-5er quitting their job. I mean, should I be drafting up my resignation letters today or...?

If Beyoncé said to do it, it’s done.

On the pre-chorus, she sings “I’m buildin’ my own foundation.” Yeah, now I’m gonna be buildin’ my own foundation too all summer long. Maybe that’s what Beyoncé wanted us to tell our boss on the way out the door.

Seriously, she didn’t have to devour this track the way she did. Especially those fierce belts and runs in the outro? I have chills.

The queen is a vocal acrobat; give her her flowers now.

Those NOLA-bounce inflections from frequent Bey collaborator Big Freedia, who is featured on the track, are so infectious. Honestly, it’s insane in the best way.

Don’t forget that June is also Black Music Month. So, Beyoncé quite literally checked off all the boxes of greatness with just one single. We love to see it.

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