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7 Things Kim & Pete Actually Have In Common

Hear me out.

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When photos of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson first hit the internet, reactions ranged from “What?” to “Why?” But really, this development shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. They might seem like a random match, but they actually have a lot of similarities — hear me out.

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They’ve both been on SNL.

Davidson joined the show’s cast in 2014, and Kardashian hosted an episode in October 2021, just a few weeks before the two were first photographed together. (They even kissed in one sketch.)


…and they’ve both won over fans with their self-deprecating, self-aware comedic chops.

Sure, Kardashian is less of a seasoned comedian, but she perfectly roasted her whole family (and herself) in her SNL monologue. Davidson, meanwhile, does this on a weekly basis.

They both lost their dads at a young age.

And they’ve both spoken up about admiring their fathers, too. Davidson has a tattoo in honor of his firefighter dad, who died on 9/11; Kardashian has called her late father her “guide,” and shared that he would have loved to see her pursuing a legal career.

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And they’re both close with their moms.

Kris Jenner even made a cameo on Kardashian’s episode of SNL. Davidson, on the other hand, frequently calls his mom the “greatest roommate in the world” — and he’s brought her onto SNL before, too.

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They’ve both been name-checked in songs by their exes.

It would be safe to say Kardashian and Davidson are both very famous in their own right, but they’re also known for their high-profile relationships and breakups. Kardashian has been referenced in many Kanye West songs, and Davidson has an Ariana Grande song named for him.

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They have a lot of the same friends.

Several sources say Kardashian and Davidson first met through mutual friends. It’s possible that one of these friends is Machine Gun Kelly, who’s very close with both Davidson and Kardashian’s future brother-in-law, Travis Barker.


They both supported Biden in the 2020 election.

Davidson hasn’t been quiet about his thoughts on our current president (and also our last one). In one 2020 episode of SNL, he implored viewers to vote for Biden, and before that, he said he was “proud” Trump wasn’t a fan of the show.

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Kardashian met with Trump to discuss criminal justice issues, but she seemed to confirm she voted for Biden in a series of November 2020 tweets. Her ex-husband also recently said his public support for Trump caused tension in their marriage.

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Time will tell if this rumored relationship is the real deal, but it might not be outlandish as everyone thinks. Weirder things have happened in the world of celebrity couples, right?


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