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7 Reasons King Princess And Quinn Wilson Are The Ultimate Power Couple

No one’s Instagrams are hornier.

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Quinn Wilson — videographer and creative director for Lizzo — is one half of the music industry’s hottest couple. Her girlfriend of almost three years, pop-rocker Mikaela Straus, AKA King Princess, initially sparked their romance with a DM. After a couple steamy dates in Los Angeles, the two women fell in love and have been gracing the internet with hot, tender pics ever since.

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From the brilliant minds who gave the world “Pussy Is God” and Lizzo’s dreamy music videos comes a relationship so fiery, so horny, so powerful, there’s no choice but to stan. Here’s why King Princess and Quinn Wilson are the ultimate power couple. Prepare to fall in love with their love.

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Their Gucci Moment

In November, KP and Wilson made an appearance at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in LA dressed in jaw-dropping fits. KP’s power suit and Wilson’s shimmery, low-cut gown — plus their complementary shaggy hairstyles — are peak power couple status.

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“I Been With My Wife 40 Years. She’s A Silver Fox”

(Per KP’s Instagram caption.) This creative couple won Halloween 2021 when they showed up at a Spotify party dressed as what I can only assume was Florida’s gay bridge champions.

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When They Collaborate

In late 2020, Wilson directed KP’s video for the song “Pain,” which features lots of queer BDSM imagery. KP later gushed to Harper’s Bazaar about her girlfriend’s vision for the piece. “I wish I had a video like this that was also gay as a kid, and I think Quinn makes great content like that.”

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They spoke to British Vogue during Pride Month 2020 about the role activism plays in their relationship.

“I want to be the white partner who is there and is the first person to be like, ‘Oh, do you want to go home and get on the streets? Let’s do this.’ I’m in this for you and all the other Black and brown people who need white support,” KP said.

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“Horse Girl Love Affair”

The couple spent a lot of the early pandemic at KP’s family home in Hawai’i, working on different creative projects. They also spent a lot of time riding horses, like the lesbian Brokeback Mountain fantasy the world needs but does not deserve.

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KP And Wilson, But In Lingerie

Two boss babes making out in their Savage X Fenty lingerie in a way that feels authentic and not male-gaze-y? Powerful.

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Their GQ Interview

In February, the couple was profiled by GQ for their “Modern Lovers” issue. At the end, the writer notes that the couple was just sitting making eye contact for a while until Wilson blurted out, "I love Mikaela so much it's painful. She's my best friend.” The perfect power couple does not exi—

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