These 19 Ideas For Celebrating Pride Month Could Not Be More Fun

"I am going to celebrate Pride this year by being as unapologetically hot, loud, and bisexual as absolutely possible."

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For inspiration on how to celebrate Pride this year, we spoke to a wealth of people making plans for all kinds of festivities to commemorate important strides made in the queer liberation movement. Here’s to remembering the victories while continuing the fight.

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“I’m going to take my Chromatica blanket to the dry cleaner and start reading Let the Record Show by Sarah Schulman.” — Greg Mania

Read Greg’s book, Born to be Public, out now from Clash Books.

“This year for Pride I'll be wearing a sleeveless rainbow mermaid jumpsuit to the lesbian wedding of the century: my hot former neighbors are getting married out at the Rockaways.” — Amelia Possanza

Amelia’s debut memoir, Lesbian Love Story, will be published in 2023.

“Celebrating Pride in 2021 means celebrating love and heartbreak without shame or loss by kissing as many vaccinated men as possible.” — JJ Bozeman

“I’m spending Pride Month with my boyfriend surrounded by songs, movies and books that remind me how incredible and resilient our community is, celebrating that I get to hold his hand, and maintaining the illusion we’ll all be dancing, laughing, and singing together soon.” — Carlos Galina

“I am celebrating Pride this year by running for office (district magistrate) to try to get the justice system to stop hurting people, especially marginalized communities.” — Xander Orenstein

Learn more about Xander’s campaign here.

“I’ll don my #bipride best to celebrate (hopefully at a drive-in drag show featuring some of our city’s most magnificent queens!) and participate in fundraising for local queer youth in need.” — Alicia Valenski

“Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I plan to celebrate Pride with queer friends outside my bubble while remembering those taken too soon from police and white supremacist violence, systemic poverty and houselessness, medical discrimination and lack of healthcare access, or suicide.” — Talia Lepson

Talia Lepson

“I'm planning to attend the Queer Liberation March on June 27. Organized by the Reclaim Pride Coalition, it challenges New York Pride’s hyper-corporate parade and offers a space that’s explicitly inclusive, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-cop.” — Kyle Turner

Read Kyle’s film writing.

Kyle Turner

“I'm flirting with doing a pop-up One vvoman Show, but I might like to spend time having fun instead. I plan to spend Pride surrounded by my chosen family, hopefully seeing live drag, and giving extra cash to organizations benefiting trans folks.”

Learn about Voxigma’s work.

“This Pride I'll be celebrating pride by amplifying our community voices to further advocate for our continued equality!” — Jax Hillard

“I am going to celebrate Pride this year by being as unapologetically hot, loud, and bisexual as absolutely possible (while maintaining social distancing) at a local bar near my home.” — Isabel Calkins

“I will be celebrating Pride by doing a year's worth of dancing all month long on my rooftop with my vaxxed friends.” — Bex Feldman

Bex Feldman

“Aside from thanking God and Desert Hearts for making me a raging bisexual, I will likely be re-reading Larry Mitchell’s heartening, endlessly clever anti-capitalist fable, The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions.” — Shayna Warner

Read Shayna’s queer cinema newsletter.

“I will be spending my Pride this year celebrating the positive impact that the LGBTQIA+ community has made in our society by walking with my chosen family in the Queer Liberation March and the Drag March.” — Evan Kotzen

Evan Kotzen

“I will be celebrating Pride this year by attending the Houston Pride celebration, and by seeking out opportunities to connect with the community throughout the year.” — Ari Masters

“While [some] Pride celebrations are cancelled this year, I still intend to shine brightly and will donate the money I’d normally spend on Pride celebrations to the Marsha P. Johnston Institute.” — Anna Dahlberg

Anna Dahlberg

“This year, I’m celebrating Pride by serving looks at a day party or BBQ! Even though I miss the annual parades, I look forward to celebrating my community's liberation with loved ones who contribute to my safe space!” — James Miller

“Pride is about community: I’m celebrating by singing, laughing, sweating, staying up all night dancing and falling in love with each other again.” — Mark Mauriello

Mark’s company The Neon Coven hosts performance series Come On Out, starting June 3 with Jannifer's Body & Jan of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Mark Mauriello

“I’ll be attending a protest and staying as far away from corporate Pride as possible. Stonewall was a riot!” — Arun Marsten

Arun Marsten

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