These Y2K Fashion And Beauty Trends Are Coming Back With A Vengeance

2000 is calling, and it's telling you to bring back your zigzag part.

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The return of Y2K fashion and beauty trends has been in the ether for a while now, but before you start digging through all your childhood clothes, it's worth checking out which Y2K trends are actually making a return. The last thing you want to do is break out the jeans-and-skirt combo only to find out that look was (blessedly) left behind in 2010.

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In the spirit of childhood maximalism, load up your hair with butterfly clips. TikTok has brought back the look with fairycore, but you don’t need wings to pull them off.


The controversial whale-tail style has come back with a funky update. Rather than needing to yank your thong up, you can now shop pants with hip cut-outs to give your look the same effect.

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Although I won’t be participating in this one, low-rise jeans have clawed their way back up to runways and celebrities’ wardrobes. The #lowrisejeans tag on TikTok has over 62,000,000 views, so Gen Z has partially spoken.

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With the return of crop tops and low-rise jeans, belly button piercings are having another moment. The little extra bling on your stomach goes a long way.

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This summer, there was one pair of standout shoes every cool person was wearing: platform flip-flops. With shoes only getting taller, it was only a matter of time before these noisy sandals became must-haves once again.

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The scarf top received Beyoncé’s seal of approval back in 2000 with this red, bandana-style tank. If you have any scarves or bandanas lying around, break ‘em out.

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Things are steaming up in the cardigan world with the renaissance of the tie-front top. Now coming in pastel colors and comfy ribbed material, your tie-front cardigan is getting a sexier update: You’re likely not seeing shirts underneath these sweaters anymore.

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One of the best “colors” from the early ‘00s is something you don’t want to miss. Holographic and iridescent tops, shoes, skirts, and more are all readily available once more. Why pick one color when you can be a full array?

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