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This Is How Much Madison Beer's Makeup Has Changed Over The Years

TBH, she never missed.

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Madison Beer’s rise to stardom has been steady, and at 22, she’s solidified her position as a force to be reckoned with. However, given she’s been in the public eye since 2012 (launched by Justin Bieber tweeting her cover of Etta James’ “At Last”) there’s a lot of her content out there, meaning you can track Beer’s makeup evolution over almost a decade, and wow, has it changed. Take a journey from the start of her Instagram to now see how Beer’s beauty has evolved over the years.

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If the angle, filter, and general style of this photo didn’t clue you in, Beer’s full rings of eyeliner may give away that fact this pic’s from May 19, 2012. She finished off this 13-year-old classic with a healthy dose of mascara on her top and bottom lashes.

Madison Beer/Instagram

In two short years, Beer leveled up her makeup game with wicked-sharp winged eyeliner and a grey smoky eye, a quintessential look in 2014. As was normal in seven years ago, Beer’s eyebrows were a bit thinner than the fuller style she wears now.

Madison Beer/Instagram

For the 2016 Jingle Ball, Beer pulled out almost all the highlighter stops. Her cheeks, nose, and inner eyes are loaded with shimmer. But when it comes to Beer, this is only the beginning of her love of highlighter. She also added a bronzy contour to offset the glimmer.

Madison Beer/Instagram

Beer arguably experienced a glow-up in 2017 when it came to her makeup. She seemingly veered away from heavy eye makeup in favor of a greater focus on her complexion. The musician contoured her face to the gods and the glow on her skin is so real.

Madison Beer/Instagram

By 2018, Beer had perfected a less intense eye makeup look, and a smooth, sculpted contour. Even then, you can see her dive into makeup that’s a little more experimental, like graphic liner and super heavy highlighter.

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In 2019, Beer showed off some of the glassiest, dewiest skin I’ve ever seen. With her luminous face, she also kept her brows defined but tailored and bronzed it up big time.


Beer took her eye makeup and love of highlighter to the next level with her pearly white inner corners in 2020. In fact, Beer apparently loves doing her inner eyes so much, she had a special brush made with Morphe just to perfect the look.

Madison Beer/Instagram

To show off her Morphe collab, Beer shared this full-glam selfie in September 2020. I love the slight smokey eye and softened eyeliner wing. She also lined her lips for a super plump look.

Madison Beer/Instagram

As of February 2021, Beer’s go-to makeup look hits all the TikTok boxes. She rocks her thicker brows, blush all over her cheeks and nose, and drawn out inner corners — a major change from where she started.


As of July 2021, Beer regularly wears all the tenets of a classic 2021 makeup look: brushed-up brows, soft winged liner, rosy blush, and a face-lifting contour.

Madison Beer/Instagram

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