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Here Are The Coolest Ways To Wear An Oversize Blazer

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Oversize blazers are always a crowdpleaser. The look can be playful, profesh, edgy, and fall-ready, and you can dress it up or down depending on your mood. Here are some key ways to wear an oversize blazer that keep your look effortlessly cool.

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Pair your oversize blazer with a mini skirt to really make the jacket the star of the show. Its volume offsets the tighter, smaller fit and look of the skirt for a funky, yet balanced look.

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Oversized Jacket

The padded shoulders and boxy fit of this oversized blazer add to the sharp cut your jacket makes in a crowd. This blazer is also roomy and slightly heavier, so you can wear layer up and keep warm when it gets cold.


Whether you’re leaving the gym and want to feel put-together or you’re looking for a way to dress up your errands look, a blazer over an athleisure ‘fit is such a mood. It adds an edge that turns comfy clothes into something an influencer would wear out.

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FTF Essentials the Blazer
Fashion to Figure

Speaking of athleisure, you’ll want a blazer that can hang loose rather than a super structured one, because with a relaxed look, a relaxed ‘fit is necessary. This slightly oversize blazer captures feel with its single-button closure, un-padded shoulders, and simple lapels.


For those working with a boxier oversized blazer, a less-is-more look takes precedence. Think: a skirt with a fitted-waist or snug pants with a flared bottom, and a bra top to keep your silhouette from getting swallowed up in fabric.

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Plus Black Woven Shoulder Padded Oversized Blazer

This beige blazer boasts a little bit of glam with its golden buttons. The light neutral color will also break up the darker autumn palette you likely gravitate toward.


A blazer and shorts set toes the line between working professional and meeting your friends for happy hour. If there’s ever a day when you need to go from day to night without changing, this combo is for you.

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Chadwick Teal Short-Sleeve Blazer

The beauty of a blazer with matching shorts is that both items will pair perfectly with the rest of your closet. Rather than buying a singular new outfit, you’re creating a slew of new styling options with these two items at your disposal.


One of the most effortlessly cool ways to wear an oversize blazer? By leaning into the volume with a matching set. Tuck a white tee into the oversize pants, throw on the blazer, and pair it all with chunky sneakers or pointed-toe slingbacks.

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In The Style Plus x Syd & El Double Breasted Blazer Set in Peach

Make an even bigger statement with an oversize blazer set in a pastel color, which, yes, is still popular well into the colder months.


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