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All The Ways To Style The Bandanas Sitting In Your Closet RN

Yes, there are photos of Headband Harry Styles in here.

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Bandanas dominated early 2000s TV. Raven-Symoné, Hilary Duff, and Sarah Jessica Parker all rocked the accessory in their hair more times than you could count. Now, in 2021, the bandana is back, and there are a bunch of different ways you can wear it.

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You can’t go wrong with the classic, tied-around-the-head look with your bandana. Beyond being a Y2K go-to, this style is also reminiscent of a classy woman in the ‘50s riding around in a convertible. Wear this look once, and you’ll be living your Audrey Hepburn fantasy.

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Kittredge Bandana

To really sell the demure style, Sundance’s Kittredge Bandana ($28, Sundance) has a delicate pattern and intricate border. The colors will pop in your hair, but the soft material guarantees your hair won’t get frizzy.


Harry Styles has been a bandana stan for a long time. The “Golden” singer has a few different ways he’s indulged in the style, one of them being a bandana knotted around the neck. Rather than tying his bandana in the fluffed-up, cowboy way, Styles is twisted into a sort of comfortable statement necklace. King of originality.

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Edge-Detail Bandana

Madewell’s Edge-Detail Bandana ($15, Madewell) looks very similar to Styles’ neck candy. You can easily style this bandana close to your neck, like an ascot, or let hang a little looser.


When you’re out of shirts, you can always just fold your bandana diagonally and tie it around your back for a flirty, stylish top. If you have a larger bust, wearing the bandana over a skin-colored bandeau can help everything stay in place without taking away from the top.

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Satin Handkerchief Top
Forever 21

Instead of trying a bunch of different bandanas to find out what fits your décolletage, you can just buy Forever 21’s Handkerchief Top ($10, Forever 21). It gives you the same look as tying a bandana around your chest with the insurance that it’ll fit.


To add a pop of color to your outfit, you can add a bandana belt. By tying one or more bandanas together and pulling them through your belt loops, you can add a fun, ‘70s touch to any look. For extra flair, bring the knot around to the front, and let the ends hang onto your thigh.

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Lotus Paisley Print Bandana
Free People

One of Free People’s Lotus Print Bandanas ($28, Free People) will pair magically with patterned and solid-color pants alike. It’ll create an easy, pattern-blocked look without overwhelming the eye.


Another Styles classic in 2014 were his iconic bandana headbands and headscarves. With his unruly curls, the then-boyband member (R.I.P. One Direction) perfected the art of wearing a bandana around his head as a headband. Your recreation of the look may not ever compare to Styles’, but you’ll get pretty darn close.

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Goodfellow & Co 2-Pack Bandana Set

Really channel 2014 Styles with this two-pack Bandana Set ($4, Target). It’s a great way to keep your hair back without wearing one of those headbands that dig into your scalp.


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