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Half Magic Beauty Is Here To Make All Your Euphoria Dreams Come True

Euphoria’s MUA has a new makeup line, and I’m already high-key obsessed with the collection.

Courtesy of Half-Magic Beauty

The brilliant mind behind everyone’s favorite Euphoria beauty looks, Donni Davy, has dropped her own makeup line and it is a sight to behold. While I love the look of every item, I picked the four that I’m already high-key obsessed with.

Courtesy of Half Magic Beauty

The product that gave the world Euphoria fever, Davy’s "tiny rhinies,” are finally on the market. They can be used to create a lot of look, but Davy doesn’t want shoppers to feel intimidated. “I hope people who want to try makeup for the first time will consider Half Magic an inspiring and safe place [and] community to start,” she tells Elite Daily.

Courtesy of Half Magic Beauty
Face Gems
Half Magic Beauty

These gems — they come in colorways: iridescents and neons — stand out from what you might buy on Amazon. They’re hypoallergenic and made with medical-grade adhesive, so there’s no need for lash glue.


Davy’s face studs are next level. They’re daring and experimental, and seeing them makes me itch to play with makeup, which is kind of the point, according to Davy. “Experimenting with semi-fantastical (or, magical!) makeup looks on myself has changed my life,” she says. “And I encourage others to do the same.”

Face Studs
Half Magic Beauty

These studs are game-changers. They come in silver and rose gold and a set of 72 is only $12. Considering what some big brands are charging for this kind of adornment, you’d be a bit mad not to add to cart.


There’s an intensity in the colors of Half Magic products for lips as well, not just lids. This is a welcome rarity in the industry and one that’s intentional. “I’ve always had a close relationship with color and a vivid imagination when it comes to different color combinations,” she says, and Half Magic’s lip kits prove exactly that.

LipTrik Kit in Angel Rave
Half Magic Beauty

This isn’t your average lip kit. Instead, it’s a match made in neon heaven for an intense ombre lip look. You get Mouthcloud, a soft matte lip cream, and Sculptitude, a double-ended lip liner with two shades: hot pink and sky blue.


Davy makes beautiful shapes on the eye, and plays with angles in a truly unique way, which can be intimidating. That’s where the tools she created for this line come in. “I wanted to provide all the tools in one place for people to create colorful and glittery eye looks, whether you’re new to makeup or a pro,” she shares.

Wing Magician Guide
Half Magic Beauty

Y’all, I am having trouble handling how much I love this $10 tool. It’s dishwasher-safe, reusable, and acts as a guide for creating big, bold looks from cat-eyes to crease cuts to whatever else your mind can dream up.


Donni Davy’s Half Magic Beauty is available now on I would suggest shopping ASAP because all the products, including my top picks, are selling out fast.

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