Super Bowl

Not Me Crying At Kia’s Robot Dog Super Bowl Commercial

Full. On. Tears.


Kia’s robot dog commercial at the 2022 Super Bowl was an emotional rollercoaster, and it left Twitter in absolute shambles. Here were some of the best (and most relatable) reactions to the ad.


In case you missed it, the Super Bowl featured an electric puppy nicknamed Robo Dog, who chases an EV6, aka Kia Motors’ new electric SUV. Viewers instantly fell in love with the pup from the moment the commercial began.

Robo Dog even got the stamp of approval from WeRateDogs, which is a viral Twitter account with over nine million followers that rates people’s dogs.

Viewers loved Robo Dog so much, they immediately began wanting one of their own — and like, same.

However, when Robo Dog’s battery died in the commercial, viewers couldn’t help but shed tears for the pup.

The commercial had everyone shook. People literally gasped when the pup went down.

Thankfully, he ended up getting a recharge, but that didn’t stop viewers from getting teary-eyed over the commercial anyway.

Kia, why did you have to play with our emotions like that?

All in all, people agreed Robo Dog was the stand-out ad of the night. It’s still replaying in my mind, TBH.

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