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Twitter Is Shook Over The Number Of Super Bowl Crypto Commercials

Is the Super Bowl an NFT?


For the 2022 Super Bowl, crypto companies FTX,, Coinbase, and eToro all had buzzy commercials. And Twitter had one question: Why?

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One of the big takeaways from the night was the number of celebs who are pushing cryptocurrency. LeBron James and Larry David each appeared in crypto-related ads, joining a growing list of celebs (like Matt Damon and Paris Hilton) to promote the digital currency in recent months.

David appeared in an ad for FTX, playing himself in different historical periods of great invention. Each time, he’s unconvinced of the need for items like the wheel, the fork, and the lightbulb.

Meanwhile, James appeared in an emotional ad for, acting alongside a younger version of himself that looked like it might've been created through CGI. In the commercial, he tells his younger self he’s “got to call [his] own shots.” This, evidently, includes crypto.

Coinbase had one of the more original ads: a bouncing and colorful QR code.

The crypto-related ads weren’t always well-received by viewers.

The ubiquity of crypto talk around Super Bowl 2022 was coined the “Crypto Bowl.”

But if there’s one crypto question that needs to be answered, it’s this: Whose side was the eToro Shiba Inu on?

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