Totchos And A Sour Patch Kids Float Will Be Your Go-To Summer Order At Sonic

Don’t forget about the pickle fries.

by Daffany Chan
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Sonic’s summer snacking menu launched on June 6 with a rotating selection of returning items throughout the season — starting with Totchos and Pickle Fries. The chain also has fun summer items like the Sour Patch Kids Float and Grilled Cheese Double Burger are for a limited time.

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Returning Totchos

Sonic’s Totchos, aka tater tot nachos, are back to spice up your summer snackin’ with some cheesy goodness. It starts off with Sonic’s signature crispy tots and is finished with cheese sauce, jalapenos, onions, baja sauce, and bacon.

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Returning Pickle Fries

Sonic’s Pickle Fries are the perfect bites to pair with your fave burger or enjoy on their own. The menu item features fried Dill pickles that are shaped just like classic fries — and it’s all served with a side of creamy ranch for your dippin’ needs.


Returning Sonic Corn Dog

Sonic’s Corn Dog pays tribute to the summer fair classic with a hot dog that’s covered in sweet corn batter before it’s all fried. It also comes with your choice of Sonic’s dippin’ sauce, including classics like ketchup and mustard.


Returning Ice Cream Float

There’s nothing like a chilly sip to cool down summer, and Sonic’s Ice Cream Floats certainly do the job. The treats are made with real vanilla ice cream and the select fountain drink of your choice.

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Returning Grilled Cheese Double Burger

The seasonal fave is back for a limited time through the Sonic app or in-stores beginning June 13. It’s a combo of two classics and features a cheeseburger with two beef patties and three American cheese slices sandwiched between Texas Toast.

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New Sour Patch Kids Slush Float

Sonic’s Sour Patch Kids Slush Float isn’t on the snacking menu, but it’s a sweet and sour combo of Sour Patch Kids candy, Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Flavor Slush, and vanilla ice cream. It’s available for a limited time nationwide in-stores and through the Sonic app.


If you’re ready to get a taste of summer at Sonic, the rotating menu is available exclusively through the Sonic app, which you can download on the App Store or Google Play.

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