Celebrate National Puppy Day With These 12 Adorable Photos Of Puppers

This might be the cutest holiday.


March 23 is National Puppy Day, which was founded in 2006 to encourage people to adopt puppies and dogs. It’s also a day to shower your pupper in affection and love — and these National Puppy Day 2022 tweets and photos are some of the cutest celebrations you'll see.


This lil’ rottweiler puppy named Stormi is ready for her close-up, cozied up in a throw blanket.

This corgi got into the shoe collection in the most adorable way possible.

Can confirm — a certified cutie!

The goodest boi that’s also doing good? No choice but to stan.

Double the pup action is always a good time.

This floof is major new puppy goals.

BRB while this three-month-old puppy melts my heart.

Give me all the Yoshi pics — this pup is clearly photogenic from every angle.

Barry, Max, and Savannah are giving cuteness overload in these candid snaps.

This pup has the absolute perfect nose for booping.

#TBT puppy photos are a sweet reminder that pups are best franz for life.

Dachshund puppies Axl and Sophie serving looks. Happy Puppy Day, indeed!

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