13 Pics Of The Most Adorable Cats Celebrating National Cat Day

Let these cuties remind you to adopt, not shop.

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ICYDK, Oct. 29 is National Cat Day, and it’s all about encouraging cat adoption and celebrating the cutest felines out there.

Whether or not you’re shouting out your own fur baby, you’ll want to check out these tweets and photos from proud cat owners that are too purrfect.

Vivien.x.Li/Moment/Getty Images

It looks like the Hulk enjoys his kitty cuddles as much as the next cat stan.

This sweet cat can’t be bothered to open its eyes.

Ralph has many faces — and they should all be celebrated.

Extra points to Tommy for the Halloween tie.

This RBG is tuckered out from being so adorable.

Hail the Minister of Fuzz, the Floof Extraordinare!

This calico kitty is the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

I never knew a devil could put me in my feels.

Peanut thinks this is comfortable, and I think that’s adorable.

On National Cat Day, these furry friends have their eyes on their winged nemesis.

Peep that bowtie.

Cute name, cuter face — happy adoption anniversary, Bill Furray!

Here’s to hoping lots of fur babies meet their forever homes like this one.

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