Super Bowl

The Funniest Memes Of People Chasing Coinbase’s QR Code During The Super Bowl

This unlocked a vey specific Office memory.


When it comes to the Super Bowl, commercials tend to steal the show. This year, Coinbase’s strange ad featured a QR code bouncing around TV screens, and it inspired some hilarious memes.

Erdark/E+/Getty Images

Everyone whipped out their phones once the ad started playing.

Viewers realized they all must’ve looked a little silly in that moment.

The throwback screensaver vibe was very The Office.

The ad fulfilled everyone’s retro screensaver dreams.

Seriously, it was such a great feeling.

People weren’t even sure if the ad was for real.

Unfortunately, fans were met with a crashed website once they scanned the code.

People were pretty disappointed to see the site crashed.

While the scan might not have been seamless, it was definitely a silly bonding moment for everyone.

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