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BeReal Memes Are Taking Over, And The Jokes Are Picture-Perfect

It's time to BeMemed.


Social media app BeReal, popular for sharing photos in real-time, encourages users to capture real life moments candidly throughout the day. With only two minutes to post, the time crunch is real. It eliminates the use of filters and editing for the most authentic shots.


Fans are taking over Twitter with a creative and funny spin on the app, posting memes of what they imagine celebrities and popular characters would be sharing on BeReal. Let’s be real, these memes are sending me.


POV: You’re Remy in Linguini’s hat.

“I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

An accurate representation of Drake’s love for cars.

We come to BeReal for magic.

The Heartstopper snow scene was utter perfection. 🥺

Carly Shaw would be all about BeReal.

If the Minions made a RealMoji. 🤪

Carrie Bradshaw is too busy living her best life.

OK, but Po is winning the trend.

No filters here.