Valentine's Day

The Candy Bar You Should Get For Valentine's Day, Based On Your Zodiac

The stars can predict your sweet cravings.

by Andrea Hannah
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If candy and chocolate are your love language, you want to pick some up for Valentine’s Day. No matter if you’re a bubbly Gemini or an ambitious Capricorn, the perfect candy bar definitely exists. It’s just a matter of finding it.

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Ready to get to the sweetest part of Valentine’s Day? Flip through to find out which delectable candy bar you’re craving for Valentine’s Day, based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: Reese’s Fast Break

As the first and speediest sign, any Aries will love getting a Reese’s Fast Break. It’s packed full of delectable ingredients, and it’s the perfect snack for the zodiac sign that’s always on the go.

Taurus: Hershey Bar

Traditional Taurus prefers to keep things simple, and what’s more classic than a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar? Silky smooth chocolate will keep this pleasure-seeking sign happy.

Gemini: PayDay

Silly and inquisitive Gemini is a little bit (or, OK, a lot) nutty, just like a PayDay candy bar. Give your favorite Twin one of these peanut and caramel delights this Valentine’s Day.

Cancer: 3 Musketeers

The 3 Musketeers candy bar is labeled as a “fluffy treat,” just like super sweet Cancer. Really, both the sign and the candy are just big marshmallows on the inside.

Leo: Snickers

Just like one of the most popular ( if not the most popular, candy bars), charismatic Leo is sure to relate to being number one like a Snickers. Plus, who doesn’t love a good caramel-chocolate-nougat combo?


Virgo: Ocho

Health-conscious Virgo is down for a sweet treat, but even better if it’s good for you, too, like this Ocho candy bar. Made from organic peanut butter and chocolate, Virgo is sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Libra: Chuao Honeycomb

Luxury-loving Libra will be thrilled to get this gourmet Honeycomb bar from Chuao. And the best part is you can find this little slice of heaven in most grocery stores.

Scorpio: Dove Dark Bar

Deep and mysterious Scorpio will vibe with a sultry dark chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day, like this one from Dove. They just may even open up a little, as long as you don’t expect them to share the chocolate.

Sagittarius: Kit Kat

If there’s a zodiac sign that knows everyone, it’s Sagittarius. This friendly sign will appreciate getting a Kit Kat that has four “mini bars” so they can share with their besties.

Capricorn: Twix

As the most structured and disciplined sign of the zodiac, serious Capricorn will love that their Twix candy bar comes in two pieces. That way, they can have one for now, and one as a reward for when they finish their work.

Aquarius: Almond Joy

You either love ‘em or would rather not mess with an Almond Joy’s quirky flavor mash-up, just like eccentric Aquarius. Truly one-of-a-kind, Aquarius will love that you appreciate their uniqueness.

Pisces: Milky Way

Ethereal Pisces loves to dream as big as the sky, and a Milky Way bar is the perfect way to show your dreamer that you’re taking them seriously. Truly, the galaxy’s the limit with Pisces, and we’re all just along for the ride.

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