Each Zodiac Sign Has A Mantra That Perfectly Describes It, And Here's Yours

Words to live by.

by Valerie Mesa
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Aries: "The Fire Within Me Burns Through All Blocks And Fears"

You're ruled by Mars — planet of assertion, desire, passion, and war — but when you lose your patience, take a deep breath and say this mantra. You're a fierce leader, and you can have anything you put your mind to.

Taurus: "My Spirit Is Grounded; I Can Easily Flow With Change"

Your fixed earth is reluctant to venture into unknown territory. However, Venus — planet of love, riches, pleasure, and stability — you can manifest the abundance you crave. Read this mantra as a reminder when needed.

Gemini: "My Mind Has Unlimited Potential; I Honor My Versatility"

You're governed by Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — so you're prone to overthinking. Instead of getting caught up in indecisiveness, move forward with an idea. You have plenty.

Cancer: "The Universe Has My Back, So Breathe With Gratitude"

Just like your planetary ruler, the moon, your maternal instincts are incredibly nurturing to those around you — but what about yourself? The moon's essence can be mysterious, but there's no need to fear the worst.

Leo: "The More I Share My Light With Others, The More I Glow"

Your planetary ruler, the sun, is our greatest source of energy. Its warm rays are energizing and inspiring, and you're no exception. Your ability to love, as well as spread joy and enthusiasm, is truly one of a kind.

Virgo: "When I Nurture My Mind And Body, I Come Home To Myself"

There's no such thing as perfect, but you're usually preoccupied with the thought of making things better. Your reaction to stress can lead to self-sabotage. Prioritize your peace of mind and well-being.

Libra: “I Will Surround Myself With Energies That Make Me Better”

Life is a delicate balance, but thanks to your people-pleasing planetary ruler, Venus, you often get caught up in the vibration of people, places, and things that don't serve you. Read this as a reminder to detach.

Scorpio: "Change Is The Only Thing That's Constant; I Surrender"

The mere thought of "what if" triggers paralyzing fears, especially when you're a Pluto-ruled sign, but your past doesn't define you. Rejection is the universe's protection. It's your destiny to regenerate.

Sagittarius: "I Trust That I, And Only I, Know What’s Best For Me"

Freedom means everything to you. You're ruled by Jupiter — planet of abundance and faith — so your spirit needs space to roam freely. Life is a gamble, and this mantra is encouraging you to follow your truth.

Capricorn: "I Give Myself Permission To Celebrate My Success"

Don't be so hard on yourself, Capricorn. Your driven by the thought of self-mastery, thanks to your ultra-disciplined planetary ruler, Saturn. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate your wins along the way.

Aquarius: "I Am Always Getting Acquainted With My Higher Self"

Thanks to your freedom-loving ruler, Uranus, you can't help but feel the call to start a revolution all on your own. This mantra reminds you to cultivate your superconsciousness.

Pisces: "I Am Deserving Of Setting Boundaries That Serve Me"

Your divine interconnectedness can be a blessing and a curse. You were born with rose-colored glasses that allow you to see beyond the veil. Read this mantra whenever you need a reminder to protect your spirit.

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