Mercury Retrograde Is Back To Mess With Your Spring Season

No zodiac sign can escape.

by Valerie Mesa
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Elite Daily

On May 10, Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini, before it reenters Taurus on May 22, which means big things for every zodiac sign. Here’s what you can expect until June 2:


Aries: You’re Reflecting On The Value Of Your Exchanges

Mercury will begin its retrograde journey via your third house of communication, transportation, and immediate surroundings, before re-entering your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, and sense of security. That being said, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on everything from your financial approach to the foundation of your self-confidence.

Taurus: You’re Taking Your Power Back

Mercury will backspin through your sensually driven second house of rulership before re-entering your sign, which could serve as a second wind with regards to your self-confidence while for others of you, your money-making abilities. You’re looking to work smarter instead of harder because... well, you’re worth it.


Gemini: You’re Revamping Your Persona

Mercury is your ruling planet, which is why retrogrades typically affect you more than most. However, instead of dwelling on the little things, focus on ways you can harness these energies. For instance, Mercury will retrograde in your sign, before entering Taurus and your introspective 12th house of closure, dreams, and surrender. What part of your identity is no longer in alignment with your soul’s truth?


Cancer: You’re Working On Yourself Before Anything Else

You are your own priority, Cancer. And with Mercury kicking off its retrograde via your 12th house of sacrifice, introspection, and closure, chances are you have unfinished business to take care of before you can officially come out of your shell. Mercury will eventually enter your socially driven 11th house, which means it’s time to re-evaluate everything from your visions of the future to your sense of belonging in the world.


Virgo: You’re Redirecting Your Focus To What Truly Matters

Virgo, just like your mercurial sibling Gemini, Mercury retrogrades typically affect you more than most, but you always learn a thing or two along the way. For instance, the messenger planet will begin its backspin via your bossy tenth house of reputation, before re-entering your expansive ninth house of higher learning. Going back to school? If you’re not exploring the entrepreneurial route, then you might be considering blogging, media, or perhaps even self-publishing.


Libra: You’re Re-Evaluating Your Belief Systems

Things aren’t supposed to stay the same, so don’t feel pressured to hold onto something that’s been hanging by a thread, Libra. Mercury will begin its backspin through your expansive ninth house of faith and spiritual journeys, before re-entering your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections. How have your belief systems influenced your collaborations?


Scorpio: You’re Taking A Closer Look At Your Joint Ventures

Is there an equal give and take in your relationship(s), Scorpio? Whether personally or professionally, Mercury retrograde is putting a spotlight on the foundation of your partnerships, as well as the reciprocity — or lack thereof — between you and a significant other. For instance, Mercury will retrograde through your eighth house of mergers, before re-entering your committed seventh house of agreements, and contracts. Has something reached its expiration date?


Sagittarius: You’re Reflecting On Whether Your Unions Bring You Joy

Sagittarius, despite how eager or willing you are to work on things, the real question is: is it making you happy? Mercury will begin to retrograde through your committed seventh house of agreements and compromise, before re-entering your responsible sixth house of daily rituals and due diligence. Everything from the work you put into this connection to how it’s affecting your peace of mind will be highlighted.


Capricorn: You’re Working Diligently On Your Passion Projects

Does something need to be tweaked, Capricorn? Maybe you’re doing more research in hopes of finding inspiration for your creative ventures. Either way, Mercury will begin to backspin through your detail-oriented sixth house of due diligence, before re-entering your fifth house of joy, passion, pleasure, and self-expression. Where have you been neglecting yourself of the happiness you crave? There’s plenty of hours in the day.


Aquarius: You’re Re-connecting With Your Inner Child

It’s time to come back home to yourself, Aquarius. Your emotional fulfillment is being brought to the forefront all through this retrograde, so take this time to reconnect with yourself and the people, places, and things that remind you of home. Savvy Mercury will begin to retrograde through your fifth house of happiness and creativity, before re-entering your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings.


Pisces: You’re Getting Organized Before Making Moves

Is it time to relocate, Pisces? Whether it be for that new gig you just landed or perhaps to be closer to family and friends, the second retrograde of the year is about to take you in a whole new direction. Mercury will begin to backspin through your fourth house of home and family matters, before re-entering your mobile third house of communication, transportation, and short trips. Be sure to ask questions, and see things for yourself.


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